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How Poetry Can Help You Name Your Business


Why read Yates? Why did they teach Shakespeare in school? It’s not like you’ll ever have to apply poetry to your life when you grow up, right? Maybe not quite. Poetic techniques are a fantastic tool when it comes to  choosing a name for your business. Poetic devices bring two strengths to your business name. They aid in memorability, making it easier for people to pass your brand name along for...

5 Best Consulting Firm Names


More often than not, the name of your company will likely be the first thing a potential client ever knows about you. If you are operating in an industry that is as competitive as consulting, the importance of creating a quality list of consulting firm names should not be easily overlooked. Though you will still need to put in an effort to differentiate yourself from the competition, having a...

5 Best Venture Capital Firm Names


One of the most important components of running a venture capital firm is coming up with a name that can effectively attract new clients. There are many different strategies for generating names of venture capital firms, and the approach that is best for your business will largely depend the type of image that you hope to project. Many names of venture capital firms include words such as...

15 Best Band Names of All Time


A name can make the difference between success, failure, and mediocrity. Just as a brand cannot succeed without a name that appeals to its target audience, a band also requires an effective name for success. A band’s name is the first thing an audience will likely ever know about it. We take a look at some of the best band name ideas of all time. The Band If you are going to choose a name for...

10 Sexy French Words to Inspire Your Elegant Brand Name


The French language has continually attracted the interest of people all across the world for its romance, elegance, grace, and finery. Even for those who are unable to understand it, there is something about French that makes it the natural language of romantics. If you are in the process of naming your business, you may want to consider incorporating a French word. It will infuse your brand...

How to Create a Name that will Help You Impress Investors


If you are in the process of acquiring financing for your startup, you are likely concerned with finding a business name that will appeal to investors. Choosing a good name can make a tremendous amount of difference and help you secure the funding you need in order to get your business off the ground. Think about your core company values If you are thinking about how to name a business, one of...

Is Coworking Right for You?


The world of freelancing has seen some big changes in the past several years, and there are now more choices than ever when it comes to setting up a work homebase.  Out of all the options available, how do you know if coworking is right for you?  If you identify with any of the reasons below, it might be time to take the plunge. You Want a Community Working for yourself is great until loneliness...

How to Name Your Vitamin and Supplements Brand


Great names preframe a brand experience, attract attention, get remembered, connect with an audience, and facilitate buzz, referrals, and sales. Your supplements brand  name can be a true communication asset, helping you reach key business goals – and we’re not just talking about abstract goals like the development of brand recognition over time: When a vitamin and supplements brand uses a...

Venture Capital Firm Name Ideas to Spur Your Creativity


If you are hoping to run a successful venture capital company, then you will want to find as many ways to attract creative clients to your business as you possibly can. Without the ability to attract those who are looking for capital, your venture capital firm will have a much more difficult time getting off the ground and running. Fortunately, despite the competitiveness of the industry, there...

Legal Business Name Ideas – Get Inspired


The legal industry is one that is highly competitive. Each of your prospective clients will inevitably have a number of different legal companies to choose from. Naturally, if you are hoping to get their attention, you will need to find a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. One of the surest ways you can stand out amongst a sea of other firms is by coming up with a strong name for...

Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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