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What’s One Resource or Publication That Has Led You to Become a Better Domain Investor?


Recently, we reached out to the community to create a high-quality list of resources to use to become a better domain investor. Below, we have included some of the most popular and effective sites from some of the best and brightest minds… You. @DomainSherpa @BrandableInsidr @NamePros @DNGeek @DNAcademy @squadhelp— namox (@namox_v) February 17, 2021 For a beginner I prefer to read ;...

Tell us why you became a domain investor in 10 words or less.


We recently went to Twitter and posed a challenge to our community: Tell us why you became a domain investor in 10 words or less. Over 30 responses later, here are some noteworthy comments: a domain like an idea can change the world— Tauseef (@TLDjournal) February 5, 2021 Because I wanted to be my own boss.— namox (@namox_v) February 5, 2021 low investment, ridiculous returns.—...

What’s one insight that has led you to become a better domainer?


We love engaging with our community and we recently took to Twitter to ask domain investors: What’s one insight that has led you to become a better domainer? Their perceptive responses are worth a read:— (@brand_aim) December 17, 2020 Imagine the logo. Would it make the whole distinctively better than the sum of it’s parts?— Sten...

Domain Investors: How would your family members describe your job?


Investing in domain names is definitely a unique job. How would people who have no idea what it is explain it? We asked our community: HA! Great question! The answer would probably be, "I dunno, she does something on a thing called Squadhelp"— Brandulinks (@Brandulinks) December 9, 2020 Squadhelp? Never heard of it. Plays on the computer all day. 💻🙄— Lonesome Daisy...

Most Popular Keywords of All Domain Names


Everything starts with a domain name on the Internet. Whether you want to start an online business or personal blog, you should have a domain name that expresses you in the best way. According to Dofo, more than 50 million domains are registered every year. That means almost 100 domain names are being registered every minute. We analyzed more than 350 million domain names and listed the most...

What Is The One Thing That You Would Do Differently As A Domain Investor If You Had The Chance To Start Over?


Let’s say you had a time machine and you could only use it to go back to the beginning of your Domain Investing days. Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? We asked our Twitter followers to answer and these were their responses: Investors read probabilities of future return for every unique asset. I should have trusted myself on that instead of listening to experts...

What’s a Non-Domaining-Focused Skill that Every Domain Investor Should Learn?


We recently took to Twitter to ask Domain Investors a question. What’s a Non-Domaining focused skill that every Domain Investor should learn? The answers ranged from Patience to Marketing to Chess. Here are some noteworthy responses: Patience ✨— Domain Smoke 💨 (@domainsmoke) October 28, 2020 Patience seemed to be the #1 answer. Market analysis of individual markets, pressures company...

Overcoming the Search Paradox for Brandable Domains


For the last two decades, companies have been investing Billions of dollars in SEO every year with a goal to achieve high rank in the organic search results. In the early days of SEO, concepts such as “Keyword stuffing” were quite popular. The idea was to fill your website with tons of targeted keywords in order to “trick” the search engines in ranking your website...

How to Get Around Pricey Domains with Fun, Memorable Domain Phrases

domain phrases

This post first appeared on Domains are a precious, finite resource. In today’s competitive realm of business naming, it can be difficult to find a domain for your business name that is available. In most cases, the exact match for your domain will not be available. Even Tesla used the URL for a few years before purchasing When starting a business, you...

Understanding Premium Domains: What They Are And How To Budget For Them


Domains are a precious resource. In some sense, they are also a finite resource. Today, with 50 million companies starting every year, countless domains have been registered. As such, the value of a domain changes based upon the demand for it, creating two different kind of domains: non-premium and premium. Domains help set a solid foundation for your brand, so it is important to understand how...

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