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How To Build A Classic Brand Name That Exudes Trust And Capability


With several different styles and endless types of names to choose from, naming a business can feel impossible. However, there are a few places to start. For one, you can consider how you want to come across. When naming a business, you must consider the tone you want your brand to convey. If you are seeking a traditional, preeminent presence, you should consider a classic name. What are classic...

How and When to Use Emotional Appeals in Business Names


Aristotle outlined three principle persuasion techniques, Ethos (ethical appeals), Logos (logical appeals), and Pathos (emotional appeals). Because your business name is a means of persuading your potential customers to buy your product or service, you can utilize aristotelian rhetoric when naming your business. This article outlines the strength of emotion appeals when applied to business naming...

Tips for Using Abstract Adjective + Noun Naming Techniques for your Business


When naming your business, there are a variety of name types you can use. Classic, abstract, emotional, and clever names are also styles you can work with. Creative, engaging, and brief, abstract names provide almost limitless potential in our world of shrinking name availability. If you want a unique and memorable name that will serve as a strong foundation for your brand, you may consider this...

How Poetry Can Help You Name Your Business


Why read Yates? Why did they teach Shakespeare in school? It’s not like you’ll ever have to apply poetry to your life when you grow up, right? Maybe not quite. Poetic techniques are a fantastic tool when it comes to  choosing a name for your business. Poetic devices bring two strengths to your business name. They aid in memorability, making it easier for people to pass your brand name along for...

How To Use Abstract Names For Your Business


Xerox, Vivo, Hulu. These names would just sound like a random jumble of sounds to many people if they were unfamiliar with the brands associated with them. These are abstract brand names, meaning they have no obvious connotations or roots and no direct association with the service or product the business is selling. Abstract brand names are rich with potential due to their originality...

5 Best Consulting Firm Names


More often than not, the name of your company will likely be the first thing a potential client ever knows about you. If you are operating in an industry that is as competitive as consulting, the importance of creating a quality list of consulting firm names should not be easily overlooked. Though you will still need to put in an effort to differentiate yourself from the competition, having a...

7 Best New Tequila Brand Names


When you think about naming, you probably think about your company, but the name of the products that you sell are just as important. A great name creates the first impression that your potential customers are looking for. If you don’t create that great name, however, you could lose a customer before they even see what your product is. It may seem strange that someone could make a decision about...

9 Las Vegas Hotels, Events, Casinos, and Companies with the Absolute Best Brand Names


If there is any city in the world that is known for distinguishing the winners from the losers, it’s Las Vegas. But while the city’s many visitors are usually found competing against each other at various slot machines and poker tables, there are literally thousands of different brands simultaneously competing to win their attention. In order for a brand to succeed in a city that is as...

How to Develop Good Construction Company Names


Great names preframe a brand experience, attract attention, get remembered, connect with an audience, and facilitate buzz, referrals, and sales. Your co working business name can be a true communication asset, helping you reach key business goals – and we’re not just talking about abstract goals like the development of brand recognition over time: Make sure you have a great name and you’ll...

Best Craft Beer Brand Names – Get Inspired


When you are at a bar and are looking over the beer menu, it can be quite easy to be overwhelmed. Though there are probably some beers you have heard of before, there are likely a many brands that you are completely unfamiliar with. Choosing the beer you want to drink can sometimes feel rather arbitrary. One of the first things we notice about a beer is its name. Craft beer brand names have an...

Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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