How to Choose a Name for your Travel Agency

Is choosing a name for your travel agency difficult? Turns out, it is quite difficult. In fact, choosing a company name for any kind of business is a difficult and tricky task, so you need to make some time to do some research and brainstorming to come up with a creative and effective name. The […]

Strategies to Avoid Business Name Debacles

To catapult your startup to international acclaim it is important to name your company and brand with a moniker that resonates with your target customer. To fulfill the dream of your business growing into a unicorn worth billions, start by distilling the vision of your startup into a memorable and meaningful name. Here are some […]

Does a startup need a great name?

Every entrepreneur knows the hard truth that most startups fail. Every coach, consultant, and guru out there has a unique (sometimes secret) formula for making startups successful. The number of blogs written on this topic are endless. So let’s not go down that road yet again. Instead, let’s hone in on one hurdle that every […]

All you need to know about starting a business

Starting your own business can be exciting, but it can also be very scary. The number of great possibilities already pile up your head, but you cannot exclude the unknown possibilities from entering your mind. That’s why we’ve summarized these points for all the newbies out there. These are the things you must know before […]

Biggest avoidable mistakes every startup commits

In every type of business, no matter how well-educated you are or what background you came from, challenges are unavoidable. Startups are highly likely to encounter problems and issues along the way. However, while these challenges may be unavoidable, the actions done to counter and get through them depend on the startup business. These actions […]

5 Ways to boost your photography business

You have the talent in photography. You are creative in your craft and your photos just speak for themselves to the ones viewing it. So, you build your own photography business – thinking that you are doing what you love and you can earn at the same time. While this is a good mindset for […]

5 Powerful ways to lead by example

Behind every successful business is a great leader. A great leader is not only someone who is good in his words, but also true to his words. In another essence, the “Follow me, do not follow what I do” does not apply to him. In short, he leads by example.   There is nothing more […]

3 Ways to make your business stand out

When you are building your own business or just starting your own brand, you tend to focus on how to market your product and services – how to get the word out there and spread that you are providing such product or service. The tendency for new entrepreneurs and business owners is to focus on […]

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The right time to quit your job and start a business

You are not happy with your job. You hate your boss. You feel like you have been exhausted for years in your current company. So you think of quitting to start your own business. Well, I hate to break it up to you, but if these are your reasons for starting a business, then I’m […]