Choosing a Company Name for your Event Planning Business

Have you been thinking of starting an event planning business yet continue to hold back only because you struggle with finding a name for it? There are other people out there who are tormented by the same thing since choosing a name for your business can be a daunting task. A few experts believe that names for businesses should be abstract and conceptual while others believe that the names should be informative; with that, combining these two aspects when naming your event planning business will make it more effective while allowing customers and prospects to understand what your company and services are all about

Listed below are some of the best ways to come up with really unique company names that will work best for your event planning business:


  • Develop the Brand


Before you even start thinking of a name for your event planning business, you must have first established your company / brand’s values and goals. You will want a name that will fit perfectly with your business’ image; for instance, if your event planning business focuses on timeless, classic and elegant themes, the name that you choose will be completely different from a groupthat focuses mainly on eclectic and contemporary themes.

Once you have come up with a description for your company’s core values, you will be better and fully equipped with ideas to create a short list of unique companynames that you may utilize.


  • Create a Quick List


There is a plethora of sources where you can draw some inspiration and ideas to create a name for your business. Once you have come up with an idea of the message you want to express or communicate, you can start searching for phrases, names, or words to express the messages. Consider looking into simple word games, proper names, foreign languages, names from books, and a lot more. You should also consider your target audiences to know how to make the business better and unique from all the competition around.


  • Ensure that the Domain is Available


When you choose your business name, make sure that it is the same as your domain name; this means that you will have to check and make sure that the URL for your business name ideas is available. Additionally, there are numerous ways to check the availability of your chosen domain name and one is by using to see if the name you chose is still available, as well as to search for other ideas.


  • Keep the Name Short


Remember that any business name should not be as long as a sentence; it needs to be short, precise, and snappy. Try thinking of the top brand names around; notice how their names are made up of no less than two words. The name of your business or company should be short so customers and prospects can easily remember your business name. However, if you decide to turn the name into an acronym, make sure that it has two to three letters all in all.



If you are still having problems coming up with a good name for your event planning business, one effective way to get some naming inspirations is by searching through Squadhelp where a lot of unique and interesting names for companies, businesses, etc. are submitted. On the site, you can also host your own naming contest where a lot of creative individuals from all over the world will compete and provide their ideas for naming your event planning business.