Choosing the Best Jewelry Shop Name

The name of your shop is generally one of the most vital factors when it comes to establishing a highly successful business; it will instantly give you recognition, style, plus it will also make it easier for clients and prospects to search for your business or shop. When choosing a  name for your jewelry store, it is crucial that you make use of all the factors that are necessary when coming up with a good and effective name, so here are a couple of ways on how to come up and select the best name for your shop:


Keep it Original

If you pick a name that is original and unique, it will surely stick to those people who go and visit your store; if the name you selected involves a physical object, visitors will automatically induce a visual image in their minds which will be of great help to create a stronger memory of your shop. Additionally, an interesting and meaningful word or phrase can put a little bit more of history and interest to the name that you have selected.


Display your Style

List down all of the qualities that represent your work then choose a name that readily reflects your style. If you cater to jewelry that are more of the fancy and elegant type, choose a name that is classy and chic which is appropriate for the items you sell; if the jewelry designs are funky and quirky, pick a name that speaks to the aesthetic.

Do not limit yourself and write down as many names as you can and from the list that you have come up with; begin putting names together based on the qualities. Mash things up and bring out your creative side because eventually, you will come across words that will work perfectly for you.


Mind the Spelling

Although picking a unique name is really great, remember to keep it easy to spell and pronounce.


Gather some Feedback

After you have selected a few names of your choice, approach friends, family, or even some of your customers and let them give their opinion about the names; ask which one sounds better for your jewelry shop and take note of their various comments and suggestions to properly create a name that is more fitting for your shop. You can also have them choose which one is best then tally the results to see which one they prefer most.

It is also a great idea to ask the opinion of other people who are within your target market; ask what they think about your name choices, plus also get their opinion when it comes to their expectations from a jewelry shop that have these specific names.


Google is your Friend

This is the final part of choosing the best name for your jewelry shop; make sure that the name you chose is still free and no one else is already using it. Most important places to check for the name’s availability would be on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms you wish to use for your business.

No one wants to receive an attorney’s letter informing that you should cease using a particular name that they have been employed to protect, so here are a few name suggestions that have been recently submitted on Squadhelp that may further help with your naming concerns.



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