Choosing the Best Name for Your Blog

Whether it’s the first time you’re going to start a blog or you’re simply going to create a new one, the first question would always be this: What do you name it?


First, you would need to find the right domain; the name and URL should match to create a more memorable experience for your readers and visitors. If you notice, a lot of bloggers don’t really give enough thought about the name of their blog which is something vital to attract the attention of potential readers.


When choosing the right domain for your blog, see to it that the name is short, easy to describe and remember to easily share to others what your blog is all about.  Although at some point, you may think that finding the right one may seem completely impossible. It’s not. Here we will share with you a few tips on how to find that name which will perfectly represent your blog and what you can offer.


  • Make a list

Scribble down the various topics you will write about in your blog then include any words correlated to the topics. Here is an example; if you are going to have a food blog, you may want to jot down the common words used such as cooking or meals but think deeper on other words that can be associated to the topic; cooking steps, best ingredients, how food makes people feel, how everyone describes a certain type of dish and more.


Doing a little brainstorming can help bring out your creative juices which may eventually help spark name ideas for your blog; you will be surprised how jotting down random words can help you create unique and catchy names that you may end up using for your blog.


  • Consider your target audience and readers

Make another list but this time, it’s for the characteristics of your target audiences. You want the name of your blog to easily reach out and communicate with them so you find something that they can easily relate to. Let’s say your blog readers enjoy the fact that you give out meaningful messages or advice, if that’s the case then a comedic or humorous name wouldn’t really work effectively for your blog.


  • Research on various blogs

It’s not that you’re trying to steal the name of these blogs that you’re observing; you are simply looking and studying these blogs to be able to spark some creativity in you. You are simply getting some inspiration from these blogs which may eventually lead you to the right direction in coming up with the perfect name for your own blog.


  • Trim down the ideas to a shorter list of names

Now that you have a list of possible names for your blog, go through each one of them then contemplate on your tone, topics, and audiences. When you’re done, highlight the names that you think may work and when you’ve finally reached a shorter list of these; it’s time to analyze these chosen names.


  • Check for trademarks

Remember that you may lose your domain in a snap – it may slip from your grasp as quickly as it takes for one to register a domain name. So make sure that the name of your choice isn’t already taken as TM and doesn’t violate any intellectual properties of others.



Alter and adjust this process as much as you need for these to work efficiently for you. However, keep in mind that there’s no specific or proper way to really come up with a blog name; this is simply a way for you or anyone to approach the process of naming one’s blog; here are some good names that have recently been submitted on Squadhelp which you may use for your blog, or for ideas to create new and even more unique names:

  • LifeInsight
  • RedBlackNGreens
  • Sharevestor
  • GearPeers
  • IfitBlog