Choosing the Right Name for your e-Commerce Business

When searching for a good and appropriate name for your e-commerce business, you must carefully think of the marketing and legal purposes of these; remember, an efficient business name can actually become your most effective branding tool which is why naming an e-commerce business, or any business for that matter,demands a lot of consideration. We can share with you some great tips on how to select the best business name then apply a few of these until you are able to come up with a name that is appropriate for your business.



Focus and Concentrate

Generally, choosing a name for your e-commerce business boils down to just a few categories; first one would be the surname & surname, or the place / location and name type. Second would be the names that have been creatively made up, and the last would be the suggestive yet expressive names that come from daily objects such as Apple or Orange.


Remember that the name of your choice will mainly reflect the type of business that you are handling, so you must thoroughly think of the business names of your competitors then consider how your customers and prospects would feel about your potential name; this then will be the starting point of where you can create your personal list of prospective business names.



Do Not WorryAbout Being Unconventional

Creating names for your e-commerce business should be a fun process despite its difficulties, so allow yourself to combine and mix-match words to develop unique, and easy to remember words altogether. Take notice of some of the companies who have gained great success because of the use of quirky and unique names; those companies like or are some of the businesses that have become successful for using such names relevant to their business.


Whether you choose to stick to familiar and more common words or to use a completely new phrase, always attempt to tie and connect it to your business’ values and objectives. This is the area where one will find strength for the business, and your prospects will surely respond more positively to this.



Short is Better

Four to six letters that consist the name of your business greatly helps when it comes to people easily memorizing any name. Generally, shorter names are not only easy to remember but easy to type as well, but you also should consider the number of syllables contained in each word you choose – remember, less is better.



Consider Your Business Name’s Spelling

Think of the name of your choice and how many ways it can be spelled out as. There should be only ONE way to spell out the name of your business and confusing your customers and prospects with spelling substitutes may lead you into losing them if they try searching for your business online; an example would be Kristine’s Jewelry versus Christine’s Jewelry.



Is your Choice Available?

When you have your list of prospective names, make sure that you are able to check that you can get a site that is in line with the company name of your choice. It is also wise to register alternatives of the name and you can do this by typing the domain name’s availability into a search engine to see a range of websites where you can check these.




There is no certainty when it comes to choosing an effective online presence, but by following the suggestions mentioned, entrepreneurs all around the world can aid in making their online presence known to a lot of prospective clients and customers. Keep in mind that it is all about standing out, smart strategies, creativity, and staying memorable when it comes to choosing the most appropriate name for your e-commerce business.

Some names here were submitted recently on Squadhelp for e-Commerce businesses, which may provide you with some inspiration when choosing or creating the right name for your business:

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