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How To Build A Classic Brand Name That Exudes Trust And Capability


With several different styles and endless types of names to choose from, naming a business can feel impossible. However, there are a few places to start. For one, you can consider how you want to come across.

When naming a business, you must consider the tone you want your brand to convey. If you are seeking a traditional, preeminent presence, you should consider a classic name.

What are classic names?

Classic names are timeless. Oftentimes, classic names resonate with the values of the business. They convey prestige and industry leadership, and they tend to be more serious than other name styles.

Here are a few examples of classic business names to fuel your naming process and give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

  • Barnes and Noble – This name exudes prestige. The combination of two powerful names, especially since one of them is an elevated name like Noble, makes this name timeless.
  • Lord Jones – Referencing nobility immediately elevates this CBD wellness brand to seem posh, classy, and refined.
  • Burberry – This household name in the fashion industry built a brand around a British surname after the founder Thomas Burberry.
  • Regal Cinemas – The use of the word ‘regal’ to describe the cinema experience to audiences, creating a timeless and classic impression.

With existing names like these, it can be difficult to see exactly why these names are considered classic. They have been established in their industries for years, so of course they’re classic. Below, we have some winning classic names from Squadhelp creatives:

  • Stone Eagle Advisors – The use of the image of a stone eagle makes this a classic name because a stone eagle is strong and noble, which aligns with industry values.
  • Ellie Grey – This makes a solid classic name for a high-end fashion brand because the name is elegant and stylish. Like most luxury fashion brands, it uses a person’s name.
  • Bondbury – This name exudes London style and presence as well as luxury because it combines familiar roots and sounds to align with industry standards.
  • Windsor Harlow – The rhythmic, flowing sound of this name, which is made up of two possible surnames, makes this a perfect classic name for an online publishing house.

The names listed above all constitute classic names because they communicate brand preeminence through their names.

But how can you tell a name you are coming up with is classic or not? Classic names are nuanced and poetic. The imagery or sounds they use should seem to fit into an industry so that the brand’s presence in the industry goes unquestioned.

How to use classic names

Typically, there are three reasons to use a classic name: to exude strength and prestige, to fit into an established field, or to align with a high-end price point. Classic Names allow you to fit into an industry by aligning yourself with the industries pre-establish naming trends. They can also help establish your brand as sophisticated, high-end, and premier depending on your imagery, choice of words, and how they fit together.

For example, law firms or insurance companies usually play on values of trust and security. A law firm called Capstone Law is much more effective at conveying the prestige of a firm than the name Best Lawyers Around would be. The second name cheapens the value of the brand by being overly descriptive and corny.

When you are coming up with a name for your business, classic names can establish a connection to a value or a field, helping your business truly belong with more established companies in your industry.

To start brainstorming some classic names, trying piecing together a statement to establish what kind of name you’re looking for. Your statement should look something like this:

  • “I am looking for a classic name that sounds like it has history and deep roots in my industry.”
  • “I need a timeless name that could have come about today or a hundred years ago without going out of style.”
  • “We are seeking a classic name that establishes us as an industry leader and exudes trust.”

Statements like these will help narrow your focus, as the nature of a classic name changes depending on the industry.

Classic names can be great for consultants, law and accounting firms, health and medical businesses, realtors, banks, colleges and universities, national parks, and a variety of manufacturing and B2B companies.

Depending on the industry, the name will have a slightly different appeal. For example, “Cherry Moon” is a classic name for a bakery, but it is definitely a more Modern name for a tech or equity company. The above Bridgeside Capital is a much more classic name for a private equity company. Classic names tend to align closely enough with their industry purposes, values, and categories that upon hearing a classic name, you could probably guess what industry the name belongs to.

Utilizing preexisting notions of a particular industry such as banking, law, or finance when naming your business can help you generate plenty of classic business name ideas. This style of naming will help you find a timeless, traditional name that sums up who you are in just a single word or two.


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