Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

Your blog is one of the best and most convenient ways to deliver valuable information to your prospects as well as to establish and build yourself as an authority figure in your niche. However, if you are not blogging strategically and critically with your goals in mind, you will most likely restrict a large number of interested people from converting and becoming your actual blog followers.


An advantageous and profitable content marketing strategy should not just bring you visitors;if you are doing things correctly then your marketing strategy should actually bring you large numbers of new customers and prospects. Remember that your blog is your biggest source of new clients and the process of establishing this will surely get you into a lot of ups and downs, so remember to steer clear from the common mistakes that bloggers make, and here listed below are some of those:



Writing is Too Serious and Stiff

Your blog post is nothing similar to a term paper or report but when first-time bloggers begin writing, the only experience they usually have is writing such papers. Remember, people do not want to read nor do they enjoy reading stiff and serious content on a blog; it is perfectly fine to be more conversational and engaging in your writing which is in fact, highly encouraged when creating posts for your blog.


The more approachable you are in your writing, the more people will enjoy reading what you offer; people want to feel that they are doing business and dealing with real people, not with robots. So relax and be more casual and friendly in your writing without neglecting the quality and professionalism of your content.


Too Broad Topics

People who start writing generally want to focus on big topics such as “How to do Social Media Marketing”, “The Best Business Practices”, “Making money easily on the Internet”. These are good topics yet are far too broad to focus on one point. Since there are too many details as well as nuances on the previously mentioned subjects, it can get quite difficult to give firm and precise answers to these. So the next time you write, make sure that the topics you choose are more specific and specific.


Complexity at its Finest

Some bloggers assume that complexity is a sign of intelligence, sophistication, and even academic achievement, but unfortunately, it is not and the opposite is actually true; according to Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


Sophisticated bloggers use metaphors to represent abstract ideas and thoughts, so the next time you write on your blog, see how you can make your message simple; yet while you make them simple, do not dumb down your ideas at all and just help your readers process and understand your post, then let them get some inspiration from you in less than a snap.


Regular Updates

When publishing posts on your blog that do not really have essence or even pertinent information that adds value to conversations, you are wasting space and clogging people’s inboxes with announcements of another new post.


Sure, it would be nice to update regularly but readers will enjoy more of what you can offer if they get that rush of excitement when they see emails of yours arriving. Only write when you have something to say since your audience would rather read one inspiring post than 20 or more shoddyones with recycled content.



Blogging, just like anything else in marketing, is a skill that needs to be learned by people. Successful bloggers make mistakes just as well, so do not worry much if a few of your posts do not become a hit.


Just remember to move on and make up for it next time and provide a much more meaningful and inspiring post for your readers to enjoy. Blogging takes a lot of practice, effort, and tons of mistakes until you are able to get things right so you can start turning your blog into a great customer driver.