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Pros and Cons of Using a Company Name Generator


One of the most important components of starting a new business is generating an effective name. Your name is important for creating a positive relationship with your clients and without a good name, your company will have a much more difficult time succeeding in the long-run.

A good name is one that is able to project your brand’s target image, communicate effectively with your target audience, be remembered easily, and avoid any future complications (copyrights, domain limitations, etc.).

There are a number of different strategies you can use to generate company name ideas, and one of the most popular ways you can do this is through the use of a company name generator. But is it really a good options?

As the name would imply, a company name generator is something that helps produce a list of potential, relevant names. These generators are typically created using both automated and human inputs.

We’ve review some of the most common pros and cons associated with using company name generators:

The pros of using a company name generator

    • Usually free to use. Because most company name generators are free, even if you don’t end up using any of the names they provide you with, it doesn’t really hurt to try.
    • Easy to use. Using a company name generator is also something that doesn’t require too much time nor effort. Most of these generators are very straightforward and can be effectively used by almost anyone.
  • Hundreds of possible options. One of the best things about name generators is that they can usually provide you with a lot of different options.

The cons of using a company name generator

    • Similar lists of recommendations for everyone. Because company name generators are so widely available, they are used by a lot of different companies. The odds are often quite high that someone else in your industry has looked over a comparable list in the past.
  • Limitations in scope and creativity. Most name generators might have you specify your industry or a type of name you are looking for, but it is impossible for these generators to know everything that makes your business unique. As a result, name generators can seem to be rather generic, limited in scope, and even robotic.


These are just a few of the pros and cons that are commonly associated with the use of company name generators. Because company name generators are usually free and easy to use, it would be very difficult to make an argument against at least trying to use them. However, naming your business is more of an art than it is a science. You should not feel restricted to only using the names that the company name generator produces.

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