Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes to Avoid in ecommerce

Aside from focusing only on the catchy and unique business name ideas, the conversion rate optimization or CRO is also a highly necessary element to establish successful online businesses; from e-commerce to content-based websites, conversion rate optimization can help diminish the marketing expenses while simultaneously developing and bettering the performance of your website.


However, you should keep in mind that if done wrong, conversion rate optimization can do more damage than good to your website – poorly performed CRO does not only waste one’s time and energy, it can also become dangerous to your business. Optimization and testing mistakes are more common than you think, and these mistakes may cost you thousands to millions of dollars because of lost opportunities and time wasted, so with this idea, here are some of the most common conversion rate optimization mistakes that you should avoid in ecommerce.



  • Small Thinking


Ignore advices that promise huge conversions by making very little tweaks on your site just like changing the color of a button or simply changing its theme’s color. The problem here is that all of these can be tested and retested but in the end, you may have only enhanced one of the available landing pages there instead of having done something to keep long lasting  improvements to your website.



  • Not having the right amount of traffic


Traffic is the most necessary thing that you would need to make conversions happen on your site; when your website does not get enough traffic, your conversion rate optimization will definitely suffer. Another pitfall that occurs when testing a variety of ideas when your traffic is low is getting skewered results in the process.



  • Quickly Drawing Conclusions


Gathering great outcomes and results require time, so it is best to take enough time with the experiments to gather pertinent results that may help you better your site. When it comes to experimenting or testing various things, remember to never stop testing until the whole week has passed to ensure that the results are pertinent and accurate as possible.



  • Avoid thinking that Design = Conversions


This is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to conversion rate optimization; if you plan to revamp and fix the appearance of your site to give it an even fresher and vibrant display, this may attract but does not really guarantee any conversions for your page. So the mistake here is basically thinking that newly designed sites will perpetually improve conversions.



  • Not employing CRO frameworks or a CRO Expert


The best way to avoid these CRO mistakes is by hiring a CRO expert since they are trained and taught how to determine the exact elements that work and do not work for online sellers. So instead of becoming disorganized and confused, go ahead and hire someone who really understands the business for them to assist you on how to implement conversion rate optimization. This is for you to see the real progress and improvement on your conversion rate.




Conversions are excellent, however, make it your goal to increase and improve a customer’s value for a lifetime. Just like with unique business name ideas, two hundred percent of conversion will not help if your products or services do not provide value to those purchasing this.