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5 Myths Most People Believe when Talking about Coworking Spaces


Statistics show coworking spaces have transformed the way people interact with each other, how they’ve influenced the growth of business relationships and the fact they’re perceived rather than a workplace, a site to integrate personal and professional interests. Indeed, a study made by The Huffington Post showed that 92% of people are satisfied with their coworking space, 91% have better interactions with others after working and 70% reported they felt healthier than they did when working in a traditional office setting. Anyhow, there are myths about coworking spaces which are actually not true. Let’s demystify them!

  1. Working inside a stadium while your favorite soccer team is playing is easier than getting your tasks done from a coworking space!

True, collaboration is one of the main characteristics found in this type of workplace which means conversations are not banned. Nevertheless, general office rules apply to make everyone feel comfortable. Additionally, if you feel there’s too much noise for you to make some of your reports there’re always private offices, cabins, and quiet places. One main advantage of coworking spaces is that you choose where you want to work from depending on your mood, the task’s difficulty or whether you’re with your whole team. This means one day it can be from the balcony to enjoy the sun and the other day from a phone cabin to make one of those important calls to your client overseas.

  1. Coworking spaces are all the same so why spend time searching to work in one of them?

Although coworking spaces share an essence of collaboration and networking, they all have their peculiarities. Some are techy with high ceilings and cool lights, others are artsy and display galleries all year long, while some are a little more businesslike. Besides, you find coworking spaces both in rural and urban scenarios so depending on the nature of your business, what you want your clients to perceive and your company’s personality you’ll need to closely analyze what’s the best fit for your team. One other factor that differentiates one place from the other is the events given. Carefully ask for them because this may be a factor to choose one coworking from the other.

  1. If you’re not creative, dress in colorful hippie clothes or go with sandals to work, then you’re place is not a coworking space.

The magic of coworking is the wide range of industries it can benefit. From IT to consulting to advertising agencies, there are members of all type who find coworking space useful. This is because once you’re in a coworking community, you find a world of collaboration, outsourcing opportunities and access to an entire network of creators and collaborators.

  1. I have a team of 50 people and coworking is only for small business or entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re a large company or a growing startup, there are coworking options available for every necessity. Remember coworking is made of private offices, common areas, hot desks, dedicated desks and large team rooms. Plus, all of the areas are thoroughly designed for businesses to rock. Therefore almost all of the spaces have printers, scanners, and plugs for whatever you might need.

BONUS: Many coworking spaces offer free beer. Not a bad idea to reward your employees with!

  1. Although I´ll be sharing common areas and coffee, coworking is really expensive!

Many companies might be really comfortable in their huge office space and freelancers may find their couch the best place to work from. Nevertheless, when you pay for a coworking space, you’re actually paying for the community, to all types of networking events, classes, and a long list of membership perks. Besides, if you do not need an office for a full time, coworking offers drop-in day rates and other plans that accommodate to the hours you need.

Don’t let coworking myths get in the way of finding a workspace that really works for you!

Author’s Bio: Camila Restrepo is a passionate story builder and journalist. As OfficeList´s Communications Manager, she’s building an online community for entrepreneurs.

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