Crafting a Catchy & Cute Slogan for your Pet Shop

Lately, the industry for pet care has been experiencing an increase in popularity, gaining a major boom since people are spending tons of money when it comes to pampering and caring for their pets than ever. So the idea of establishing your own pet shop can be a really profitable one, and the best thing to assimilate into the imaging and marketing of this business are catchy and cute slogans.


Slogans or taglines are phrases that go together with your brand name to instantly interpret your businesses brand identity, as well as its positioning into a single tagline – something that will be significant to consumers since it will mean something to them. These are generally meant to supply customers with implications of your brand, plus its position in the market in just a few short words.


Slogans are present to aid businesses and companies to stick and stay in the minds of customers and potentials, so here are a few tips on how you can craft a really interesting, catchy, unique, and cute slogan that is perfect for your pet shop business:



  • Make your List of Words

Take some time to brainstorm a couple of words that can adequately correspond with your business, your products, services, who it can benefit, what it does and who it helps. More ideas that you include will be even better since you can eventually edit these once you have gathered enough words that you can use for your slogan.


After listing down a collection of words, go through a thesaurus and expand your list of words by looking them up and getting their synonyms; take a break and study the words you have gathered then those that stand out as the most important to clients, and those that work well together should be part of your list of words for the slogan.



  • Keep things Short

If you notice, great slogans or taglines often have a few words or as little as 10 syllables so they will be easy to recognize, recite, and easy to squeeze in alongside various logos of your choice.



  • Key Benefits should be Highlighted

The main reason for creating a slogan is to differentiate and make your products or services stand out from your competitors while simultaneously emphasizing your company’s main mission. If you already have an advantage over your competitors or if your services or products have unique benefits, you certainly must use these to your advantage to attract more potential customers to your business.


Keep in mind that slogans are generally the first impressions for a lot of potentials, so it is an absolute must that you stress on your business’ worth. Take one of the most vital key areas of your business then do everything to incorporate this into your slogan.



  • Be Honest – Be Real

In business, honesty is highly important; can your business really deliver on the promise stated in your slogan? If not, it is best to rethink and remake the slogan. Also, remember to avoid slogans that include words such as “#1 of all” or “the best” since it is boring and standard, it will be difficult to believe this even if it were true.



  • Avoid Jargon

Never use industry-specific concept words that will make potentials assume things in their minds; words that you use should prompt instant images or ideas of your clients, products and services, as well as the benefits.


To give you some ideas on how to come up with great slogans for your pet shop, take a look at some that have been recently submitted on Squadhelp:




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