Creative Ways to Name Your Spa

Making use of one-of-a-kind names for your spa services can be great for advertising, plus it can also help create a memorable brand identity that is perfect for your spa. Sometimes, an unusual description in your advertisement, let’s say in your brochures, can attract customers to your spa and this will also help them easily remember your services because of this. Moreover, it can also help boost the number of your customers, as well as the prospects that visit your spa.


Unique names for your spa business can also help you appeal and attract a specific market or clientele, such as individuals searching for good pampering or for those looking for health-oriented services and treatments. To come up with something unique and appealing for your business, here are a few creative ways for you to name your spa business.


  • Give a Description of your Spa’s Features


Select words that can easily remind your customers and prospects of the style and the design of your spa. Let us say that your spa features a cool and unique urban style, choose a business name that will automatically reflect this.


  • Make Use of your Location


Determine if your business has any main feature or location; if your spa is located right in the heart of the city, you can come up with business name ideas right after the city such as Chicago Massages, or a feature of a city like The Empire Spa.


  • Avoid Name Similarities


Do not name a business and make it sound similar to a competitor’s; while you are in the process of coming up with business name ideas, keep an eye on your close competitors who use names that are close to the names you want. Avoid choosing or creating a name that could easily cause any sort of confusion between your spa business and another similar business that is also located within your area. If there is already a shop called Greenwich Hair Spa in the area, avoid naming your business Greenwich Spa.


  • Choose Names that Can Easily Be Spelled and Pronounced


People generally dislike names that are long, difficult to pronounce or hard to spell out since it tends to be tedious and troublesome; and since this can be tiring and annoying to people, this will definitely be deadly for any business. This is why you should stick to business names that are simple and memorable; you should also avoid using difficult to remember acronyms or getting too ‘cute’ and quirky with your spellings.


  • Consider your Target Audience when Choosing a Name


Determine who your target market is then name your spa business in a way that it will pique the interest and appeal to this specific group. You should try to give your spa business a more descriptive and straightforward name that will directly target this specific market.



Selecting a name for any type of business is known to be one of the most difficult yet exciting and interesting parts of starting a business. However, before you actually commit to a name, do a little research and make sure that the name of your choice is still available for you to use; also, ensure that the name you have selected automatically reflects the business’ image, as well as its long-term goals.