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Exploring Trucking Company Name Ideas


The trucking industry has been described in many ways, but the best is that it’s the backbone of the US economy. 

With 70% involvement in the economy, trucking and logistics provide the means of livelihood for over 9 million people, plus, according to Truck Info,  the US trucking industry transports over $671 billion worth of goods and generates over $295 billion in revenue.

At the moment, over 1.2 million companies are operating in this industry, and there’s still room for more, as consumers continue to demand more efficient delivery services.

So, getting into the transportation and logistics business may be the easy part, but one thing that can help you survive the difficult part of standing out from the multitude of companies already involved in the industry is getting a solid name for your trucking business.

With industry leaders like UPS, FedEx, and XPO Logistics, you get to see the peculiarity of the industry and their unique approach to naming because the industry doesn’t only place emphasis on acquiring vehicles, machinery, and technical expertise, it places more emphasis on trust, competence, and efficiency.

And since your company name is the first thing your customers get to interact with, here are some pro tips on exploring trucking company name ideas.


Every good name is born from a brainstorming session, and although other sectors like the finance and cooperate industry may have a strong regulation on what works, especially regarding the use of acronyms, which could confuse and alienate customers, the trucking industry has no such rule.

When it comes to trucking company name ideas, this industry is very flexible. So think freely, but make sure you come up with unique and easy to pronounce names.

To give you a clue, here are some of the best trucking names:

  • UPS
  • DHL Supply Chain Solutions
  • A+ Trucking
  • Transpro
  • U.S. Xpress.

Suggested by branding professionals:

  • ThunderFleet.
  • Shipvy
  • KFly
  • eSend
  • PiyK
  • ExtraMove
  • Transporty
  • InstantJet
  • okSent

With EV’s expected to see a boom very soon, a name like eSend is a perfect fit for an electric truck company. While names like InstantJet, ThunderFleet, and ExtraMove, innately conveys speed and competence, something a trucking brand seriously needs. The best part is that these names have been approved by Squadhelp’s team.

Find Names That Communicate Values

The best name for a business is one that communicates emotionally and builds trust with their target customers. The same holds true in the trucking industry. A look at FedEx, A+ Trucking, and ThunderFleet and you’ll see that they all convey a strong, clear message to the minds of prospective customers.

So when searching for a name, don’t just smash words together, take the time to incorporate a message in your business name because this is what customers would remember when thinking about your brand.

Consider Professional Help

Anyone can brainstorm, but the result is the difference. Just like an actor may be a great doctor on screen, but you wouldn’t trust them with your health, so are we when outside our area of expertise. So if naming isn’t your thing, you might consider getting the help of expert naming veterans like Squadhelp. That way you’ll get a wide variety of unique and secured names to help you set up your trucking identity.

Claim Your Name

After getting the best name for your trucking company, you need to legally own it, because your perfect name isn’t yours until you do so. The best way to go about this is to conduct a thorough search online for your trucking name, check if it’s been used in your industry or your country if its .com address is available.

Follow up with trademark sites like,, and the U.S. Patent Office. The idea is to get ownership of your name, both legally and virtually. 

Get Feedback

No name is perfect if it doesn’t trigger the desired response from your customers. And for you in the trucking industry, you need to consider how your drivers react to the name. A great name builds camaraderie, which is very important because, even though you may have fallen in love with a name, if the same reaction doesn’t occur down the line to your consumers, the name would have failed and it may compromise your services.

To get reliable feedback use professional methods to perform audience testing and the crowded bar test, or simply ask your team, drivers, and customers, but not your family or friends.


So, follow the same steps and ensure your trucking company name tells a story about your motivations. Most important, ensure your name doesn’t hinder growth and is something you, your team, and drivers, take pride in and draw inspiration from. 

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