Create a Trendy Brand Name for Your Fashion or Clothing Line

You are excited about starting your own fashion line or clothing retail shop, but you still haven’t decided on a name for your business and brand. A lot of people think that this part of the business isn’t as important as the other aspects so they tend to give less attention to naming.


Despite this idea, this part is just as vital as any other aspect necessary for building your business, so here are a few ideas on how to create one catchy business name for your fashion or clothing line:


  • Research and check if your name of choice is still available. Take some time to check and do a little research to know if the domain name or the name itself is still available or has already been taken by someone else. People automatically assume that your brand name is also the name of your website, so make sure that the name you choose is available for both.
  • Stay away from names with unusual spellings. You know that your business requires the internet, which only means that you need to have a strong and effective website that is search-engine optimized. However, if your aim is for the customers to find you easily when they search for your brand, avoid names with unusual spellings since they may confuse it with another word.
  • Choose names that are easy to remember. Choosing a name that’s unforgettable and unique is one great way to name your clothing business, and never follow trending items or events when it comes to choosing a name for your brand. It’s wisest to choose something that would stand out and always be remembered.
  • Opt for a name that can be easily pronounced. Choose a name that is simple but to the point. Don’t go for names that are in languages that most of the people aren’t familiar with. Your customers would want to talk about your brand and clothing line with others such as friends and family, yet if they have no idea on how to pronounce your brand name, they won’t be able to recommend this to friends which would be a great loss of possible sales.
  • The name should make sense. Meaningless names or those unusual names should be avoided. If it’s an unusual name, do a little research behind the name to ensure that it isn’t something offensive, insulting, and even degrading to others. Always make sure that the name of your brand will not end up with hints of racism or insults.
  • Don’t use specific locations. If you plan to sell worldwide, it is better if the name of your brand doesn’t limit just to a specific geographical area. There’s no telling where your next client may come from so it’s better to not limit your business and services to just a specific area since it could discourage foreign and international buyers from patronizing your brand or business.
  • Find a name that positively launches your brand. A name that would provide insight to what your brand and business is about is a great way to make a name for your clothing brand. Since this will be for a clothing line, the name should be fun and fashionable whereas the name of an insurance company, for example, must sound more serious and professional.

Your fashion brand or clothing business name is just as vital as every aspect when it comes to starting your business, and you must ensure that the name stands out from others, and . Make it unique but easy to find, and also easy to remember, so your customers can easily spread the word about your business.


Here are some names that were selected in recent Squadhelp naming contests for Fashion Brand names:


  • Airy (For a Brazilian Cosmetics Brand)
  • Headturnr (For a Fashion & Lifestyle Website)
  • PepperSt (For an online Fashion Brand)
  • Alkaline (For a cross fit apparel brand)
  • BelleSophie (For a Fashion Jewelry Brand Name)


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