Finding a Trendy and Catchy Name for your Cosmetic Brand

If you are starting a business for makeup and cosmetic brands, then we must congratulate you for thinking of getting into this type of business. Although you probably already know that starting any type of business can be a very tedious and daunting task, it is still also very rewarding and fun when you get past the obstacles that most business owners go through every single time.


It may not seem like it yet selecting a name for a business can be one of thereally difficult and tricky parts of starting a business, since a lot is in a name and it could somehow make or break your business right on the spot. Whether you like it or not, the name of your business will always be the first thing that your clients and prospects will notice so you will definitely want to select a name that best describes your business, service, and a name that directly relates with your brand.


Here are a couple of tips on how to select a really catchy name for your cosmetic brand:



  • Develop the Brand

Before you can even select a name for your business, you are required to establish your brand values before anything else. You will want to select a name that perfectly fits your brand’s image so for example, a business or brand that caters to a more classic and elegant beauty will be named differently compared to a business that focuses on comprehensive makeup and style.


Once you have finally come up with a general description of your business brand’s core values, you will be more equipped with ideas and inspiration when it comes down to making a list of possible names for your cosmetic brand.



  • Keep the Name Short

Keep it short and remember that the name of your brand or business should not be a sentence. Make it short, snappy, and really appealing just like the top brand names that are present today. Remember that consumers have a very short attention span when it comes to names so they will most probably remember a word but do not expect them to recall a phrase, especially if it is a name of a business or product.



  • Simple is Best

Remember that simple is always best; you do not want to have a brand name that is very tricky to spell, pronounce, and even understand. The more complex the name of your brand or company is, the easier it is to be forgotten by a lot of people, so try to choose a name that is short and simple that will easily stick with your clients and prospects.



  • Create a Short List

There are dozens of sources from where you can get some inspiration from when it comes to naming your brand or business, and once you have already come up with an idea of the messages you want to communicate, you can start searching for names, phrases, or words that disclose these messages. Be as creative as you can get and write every word that comes into mind, it may take some ten to twenty names before you start thinking out of that box where you will eventually come up with really great and creative names.


When your list is done, go through the list of words you have written down and start omitting those you do not like or those that do not work for your brand, until you are left with the most effective words that can be used for your brand or business.




After following these tips when coming up with an effective cosmetic brand name, make sure that it is not already taken by some other person because the last thing that you want is to have to waste time in some court battle over issues such as trademark infringement. Take some time to do some research and check if the name of your choice is available, and if you are just starting out with your business, ensure that your brand name will be functional, simple, and very memorable.


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