Great Apps for Business Planning

If you have come up with great concepts that are combined with unique ideas for company names but clearly lack the budget, time, and resources to create a business plan, great and useful tools such as a business plan application can help you start working on various ideas and concepts that will work adequately for your business planning process.


Like the business name generators that make the process of creating ideas for company nameseasier, there are numerous apps that simplify the tricky and somewhat difficult process of developing a thorough and well-thought-out business plan.


Making use of these apps is as easy as using the numerous business name generators that you can find online; simply provide a word or two and the application will do the work and provide you with numerous names that are related to the keywords that you used. With the business planning application, you will provide different details regarding the business that the application will work on and organize into a plan that may soon bring your business into action.


Here are some of the apps that can assist you in creating a business plan:



  • Enloop


Enloop is an all-in-one web application that gives you a thorough walkthrough of creating a traditional and effective business plan. When you enter pertinent data into the application, it will automatically generate profit and loss, sales, cash flow, as well as a balance sheet that will be projected for you. The balance sheet will be complete with well-defined graphs, plus other compelling visual elements that are commonly necessary for business planning.


The application also gives you a standard and customizable plan text for each section which includes financial data and sections that are aimed at key company details.



  • MyBizPlan


Developing a business plan is considered to be one of the most vital tasks that one can do; great business plans can provide a map for success, a sense of control of the ins and outs of your business, and it is also vital to attract funding. This is a free and interactive tablet application that helps you through the process of establishing a well-structured and thought-out plan that is solid to tailor perfectly to your business.



  • StratPad


This is an iPad-only application that is named as a highly efficient strategic-planning app that assists entrepreneurs with the planning and decision-making process of business planning. This app is known to be a great choice for those who are creating their first-ever business plan since it includes free how-to tools for beginners, training videos, a fifty-eight-page business strategy tutorial, customer service (via e-mail) and more.


The free basic edition of the StratPad application is available for students while the paid, one-time free plans are $9.99 to $54.99; the more you pay, more advanced features and business plan options will be available. Furthermore, this easy-to-use application guides its users through a course of simple questions and prompts. The answers provided will be utilized to create a business plan that is complete with full-colored graphs, charts, as well as revenue projections.