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Why A Great Tagline Is Worth The Investment


According to Wikipedia, a tagline is defined as “ a memorable dramatic phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of a product, or to reinforce and strengthen the audience’s memory of a product.”

When clients come to Squadhelp and inquire about taglines, catch phrases, or slogans, we always highly recommend them. After all, for a small investment you get quite the bang for your buck. Imagine Nike without “Just Do It” or McDonald’s without “I’m Loving It.’ These marketing slogans help consumers bridge the gap between the brand name and the brand identity.

Other famous taglines:

  • M&Ms “Melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”
  • Apple: “Think Different”
  • Dunkin Donuts “America Runs On Dunkin
  • US Army “Be All You Can Be”
  • Arrbnb “Belong Anywhere”

In general, a tagline that pops will be short, crisp, descriptive, and tied in with the company’s mission. A good tagline is a differentiator between your business and the competition. They help make the brand more approachable. Taglines answer the Why of Branding… Why use this brand? Our advice: Be brief. Be brilliant. Be bold.

Key characteristics of taglines that work include:

  • Short
  • Simple
  • 6 words or less (there are outliers like m&ms)
  • Tells a story
  • Tied to your unique positioning statement
  • Answers the question “What does the consumer need to know?”

Keep in mind that the tagline needs to work well with the name and style of name you chose. For instance, if you have a classic name, chances are you will follow through the same tone and have a classic tagline. However, if you have an abstract or intriguing name it may be ideal to use a descriptive tagline or one that includes your mission or value proposition to help clarify the name.

While Nike and McDs may have paid the big bucks to have a marketing agency come up with their slogan, here at Squadhelp we take a different approach. Using our crowdsourcing platform we run a contest and ask our creative panel of over 70,000 creatives compete to help you come up with a tagline that will fit your business. It’s a win-win as you get an affordable tagline for a bargain basement price– with more submissions than a creative agency would give you. The creatives have fun with the contest and may even win a monetary prize.

Some of our favorite taglines from recent Squadhelp contests include:

  • Family fitness program- “Get Out. Get Active. Get Fit.”
  • A commercial cleaning co.- “Creating True Sparkle.”
  • A palliative care medical practice- “Where every moment of life matters.”
  • A dating app- “Real Love. Real People.”
  • Consulting co. – “Technology Fluent. People Powered.”
  • Online retail store- “When Ordinary Just Won’t Do.”
  • Organic snack product “Sinfully Organic.”

Whether you refer to it as a tagline, catch phrase, or slogan, the end result is more consumer awareness, making it easier to remember your brand and set it apart from the competition. Now if that cost tens of thousands of dollars, it would be worth it. However, at Squadhelp it is far less than typical agency fees, in the hundreds– far less than full service creative agencies with a broader and more plentiful result. Well worth it indeed.


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Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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