Great Ways to Name your Products Online

When you need to come up with a name for a specific product, you cannot just pick any name because you will have to think about this thoroughly. While you already know how to name a business, you will still need to do a lot of brainstorming, planning, and research before anything else.


The name of your product should fit with the umbrella of your brand name while also sharing its unique story and goal to customers and prospects. Also, the name of your online products should be memorable, relevant, unique, and easy to find on search engines. So to find great ways to name your online products, here are a few tips that you can follow to come up with unique, effective, and creative ones. (Keep in mind that these tips also apply when thinking of how to name a business).


  • Keep It Memorable


Just like when you are choosing a company name, a customer or potential’s memory is highly important when it comes to brand new products in your store. If someone can hardly remember what the name of your product is, they will be searching vaguely for terms that are associated with your product when they get online. However, if those vague terms do not produce any of the results that they want, they will eventually give up and turn to competitors for the same item.


  • Think of a Compound Word


Since there are already millions of brands and product names that have been trademarked, and its related domain names have already been certified and registered, it is common to find product names that are compound words created by combining two words to form an entirely new product name or brand. Examples of these include TurboTax, PhotoShop, and more.


  • Be Clear


If your product has already been around for quite a long time, has been created by numerous manufacturers or producers, and your version does not really add anything new or interesting, it might be smart to call this item what it is. This will not only prevent any type of confusion but it will also help you rank for obvious and specific search terms.


  • Consider the Search Engine Potential


With a quick yet thorough look at all your competitors, you should have a couple of name ideas (and even names to avoid) listed down for your reference, then the next thing that you should consider are names that will function effectively online. SEO is not the only thing that matters when you are naming your product; you can always develop your copywriting or page instead of trying to optimize the name of your product.


  • Think of the Media where your Products’ Names will be Utilized


Keep in mind that when designers create tons of logos, they take the time to think about how the business’ name will look if it were to be stitched on a shirt, a hat, or when displayed online. Just like when it comes to choosing a company name, you will need to think and come up with words, particularly how these are pronounced and how these sound; is it easy to say? Is it easy to repeat? Or is it as tricky like a tongue-twister?



There are a couple of important things to consider when you are choosing the perfect name for your product, but you should always remember to have fun during the process. You do not usually have this opportunity so make it fun and less boring despite it being a very crucial step. Make this process a group activity and let your team pitch in some of their ideas and suggestions, or maybe you can ask your customers for some ideas as well. However, if you are still having problems with naming your online products, why not have a look at Squadhelp and try launching your own naming contest where a lot of creative minds from all over the world will compete and share their ideas for you to utilize.