How to Choose a Name for your Sports Accessory Shop

Once you select a name for your company then instantly throw yourself to focus on branding, it will be really difficult for you to change the name after. This is not impossible but changing your shop’s name in midstream can be confusing for your customers, plus it can be really expensive on your part. This is the reason why you have to take some time to thoroughly brainstorm and come up with the right name for your business.


Here are some great ways on how to choose a company name that will be perfect for your sports accessory shop.


  • Tell your Customers What you Sell and What you Offer


You do not necessarily need to have the word “sports” as part of your company or business name, especially if you prefer a name that is clever and unique. Sit down and brainstorm to be able to choose a couple of words that can be utilized to describe the safety gear or sports equipment that you sell.


  • Make the Name Unique and Unforgettable


All business owners want to have unique company names for them to stand out from the crowd; they also want a name that is catchy and will stay fresh and memorable even after the longest time. That goal is quite challenging since naming trends always change year by year, but even if creating timeless names tend to be really difficult, it does not mean that it is something impossible. You will need a lot of time and patience to do this since you will have to jot down all the possible words that are related to your business until you arrive at your top names that you can possibly use for your sports accessory shop.


  • Avoid the Unusual and Quirky Spellings


When you start coming up with unique company names for your sports shop, stick with a name that can be easily spelled out and remembered by your customer and prospects. Some startup founders try out word spellings that are weird to make their business stand out from the crowd; this can be a good thing but at the same time, it can also be troublesome when customers try to find your business on Google or refer you to others.


It is best to stick with the traditional spelling of words and avoid the catchy words that you will have to explain every time you mention your business’ name to others.


  • Keep the Name Short


This is another vital aspect of your business name; it is really important to keep things short if you want your customers and prospects to easily remember the name of your sports accessory shop. Also, keeping the name short is also vital for promotional purposes. You will most likely want a name that will fit adequately on your business card, look perfect displayed on an ad or sign, and also, a business name that will work great as a domain name then show up easily in searches.



While you go through the process of naming your sports accessory shop, do not forget to stay flexible, happy, and enjoy the process despite it being a little tricky and challenging. Most likely, the name that you started off with or wanted to use for your shop will not be your final choice, so take the time to learn how to choose a company name successfully before choosing one so randomly.


However, if you are having a hard time coming up with a name for your shop, why not host your own naming contest on sites like Squadhelp? There will be a lot of creatives from all over the world who will be competing to give you the perfect name for your sports accessory shop, and you will be surprised with the unique and interesting names that they will offer.