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How to Choose a Name for your Travel Agency


Is choosing a name for your travel agency difficult? Turns out, it is quite difficult. In fact, choosing a company name for any kind of business is a difficult and tricky task, so you need to make some time to do some research and brainstorming to come up with a creative and effective name.

The company name ideas that you select for your travel agency should not only be functional, it should be catchy and noteworthy too. It’s a good thing that there is no real shortage of verbs, adjectives, and nouns that are associated with travel, overseas treks, and tourism; this only means that it will be slightly less difficult when selecting that perfect name for your travel agency’s official ID. Plus, the process will be more fun and imaginative to bring out all those creative juices in you.

Here are some great tips on how to effectively name your travel business:

The Location and Destination

If your travel agency focuses on booking tours to a specific region or regions, the name of your travel agency should reflect this exclusivity. Remember to include the destinations of the tours that you offer in the name that you choose. A few examples would be the following: Far Eastern Journeys, Northern Exposure, Emerald Island Escape, Road to Russia, and a lot more.

Utilize a Foreign Language

Try searching through foreign language dictionaries to get some inspiration when coming up with more company name ideas for your travel agency. For the word travel, it is written as viaje, reising, and viaggio in Spanish, Norwegian, and Italian; make use of such words but make sure that the name you create will be easy to say and its translation will be easy to understand. Another great source of inspiration is Latin where you can create names like IterOrientales, which means east trip.

Be Specific with the Name

When naming your business, you will want to sit down and give adequate time to think about your business’ niche; how will you make your travel agency different and how can you set yourself apart? Of course, you want to offer the most excellent customer service, but when it comes to travel, people are mainly buying your expertise and services. Since you cannot really become an expert in everything (even if you want to), it is necessary for you to narrow this down by searching for a travel niche; this is the reason why you should name your agency specifically so people will know that your business focuses on travel and not some other thing.

Consider your Clientele

Choose a name that will relate and appeal to your clients and the target demographic by selecting the right words to play with. If you are focusing on retirees, you can select a name like The Golden Times Travel.

Ensure that it is Available

Before you start using the name that you have selected for your travel agency, make sure that it is still available and not already in use by some other company or business. This is to make sure that you will not waste your money on marketing a name that has already been taken. Also, it will keep you away from issues that may occur in the future.


Following these simple tips can help greatly when coming up with names for your travel business; however, if you still do not have enough inspiration to come up with something effective, you can host your own naming contest on sites like Squadhelp instead, since it is more cost-efficient that hiring a professional where you can spend up to thousands of dollars.

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