How to Choose Catchy Names for your Dating App

It may sound simple but naming your application, especially a dating app, is actually one of the most difficult things to do, especially when you are uninspired. A lot depends on your app’s name and if it does not suggest what it actually does or what the game is about, it should at least be intriguingly unique and interesting enough that its lack of connection will not matter. Here are a few considerations to make when you start selecting and making your dating app:



  • Make it Relevant

Usually, gaming or social apps can pass on this portion, but since we are thinking of ways to come up with a great name for your dating app, it should be somewhat relevant to its use and functions. Remember that most users ignore apps if they have no idea what it is for, but it does not mean that your dating app’s name should be plain and boring.



  • Give Off the Right Tone

The first interaction a user has with any app is its icon and the name; consider it to be your dating app’s chance to make the first and right impression to pique the interest and curiosity, or bring out an emotion or image that will greatly encourage an individual to become a user.



  • Avoid Name Generators and Bring Out your Creative Juices

Always keep in mind that these name generators are available to give you just buzz ideas and words; they are not really used for naming your dating app nor do they give adequate and appealing names that will instantly pique the interest of users. An example of a name that would come out of these name generators would be something like RomaLove if you combine romantic + Love. Not only does it sound cheesy but users will not be able to instantly recognize that this is a name for a dating app.



  • Make the Name Easy to Remember

If your users do not remember the name of your dating app, it only means that they will not bother to use it as well. Remember that the longer the name is, the harder it is to remember, so always keep it simple and short, plus make it catchy which will definitely work for your dating app. However, if your application’s multi-syllabic name is connected to its functionality such as Cut the Rope, tone it down to just two syllables to keep the name snappy, catchy, and memorable.



  • Choose a Catchy and Unique Name

Be unique with your dating app’s name so you will not have to worry about being mistaken for another similar app, or worse, a completely different one. If your dating app’s name is very similar to or is exactly the same as an already existing one, you may end up getting sued for trademark or copyright infringement. Just like the use of your app, make sure that your name is unique, so go for something different but easy to spell out and remember to make things easier for you, and for the people who are interested in your dating app.



A lot of thinking goes into creating and picking out the best name for your apps, and some of these names that have been recently submitted to Squadhelp might work or give you inspiration to come up with a great name for your dating app:



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