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How to come up with a tagline like Nike


The “Just do it” tagline has been popular for the longest period anyone can remember. It has been standing out, and I don’t even need to tell you which brand it represents.  Nike has been effective on using its tagline. It purely stands out. It is simple, memorable and timeless. The company has conquered all the dos on tagline creation and has captured the essence of having a tagline in the first place.

However, one should always remember that having a successful tagline like Nike requires procedures – what not and what to. Most of all, it requires $$$. Let us not forget that the company has been in the industry for more than 50 years. According to Statista, in 2013, Nike spent about 1.09 billion U.S. dollars on advertising in the United States alone. Thus, it has invested in marketing and advertising, using its brand strategies and slogan. With a company who has been in the industry for more than 50 years and has invested so much in advertising and marketing, no wonder it has established its brand firmly using its slogan – a slogan which stands out from the rest of the crowd.

If you are just starting, however, this is a clear message that marketing and advertising are necessary costs and expenses in order to establish your brand and be able to have a slogan that really sticks to the minds of people.  You know the basics of creating a top marketing slogan. But taking aside the basics and the costs, let us evaluate the slogan. Just do it.

Short and simple… but how do you make an impact?

You know all the dos and don’ts in creating a slogan. First, it should be short and simple in order for it to be memorable. But how do you make an impact out of a slogan which is very short and simple? Yes, it is memorable. It sticks to the minds of people easily because of its simplicity. But how do you convince people to ultimately buy your product using the short and simple slogan? How do you make an impact?

Take a look at Nike. It is short, simple and memorable. But what does it convey?

Encourage action

The answer to the above question is this – encourage action. Nike’s Just do it tagline encourages customers to simply just do itgo ahead, do what you have to do; do what you like or want; do what makes you happy. Do it. Buy it. Thus, in coming up with a tagline, it should be able to encourage action. Take note, “encourage”.

Open to interpretation

The just do it phrase encourages action. However, it leaves prospective customers to think of what it really means. Just do what? It leaves people to imagine what they can do. The product they will be using will simply encourage them to do the “it” thing – what they do best. It creates a scenario which places the customers to feel that using the product would show the world that they can do anything. Take a look at Nike’s advertisements. The person using the product is doing what he loves doing without fear.

The tagline should be created in such a way that it encourages, but it also gives the audience a chance to interpret it according to his experience or life story. With the tagline being open to interpretation, it creates a unique experience to each of its readers – making it easy to embrace, including the product that goes with it.

Unique but relatable – focus on audience

Nike’s tagline is unique. But it is relatable. Everyone can relate to the tagline. Anyone can put himself into the shoes of the one saying the tagline. It stands out but it has the ability to relate to the crowd. The tagline focuses on its readers. It encourages its readers to simply do the action. The emotion is placed into the audience and the initiative is placed on its readers.

To whom is the message address to? The audience. The readers. To whom is the action expected? Again, the readers.


If you want to come up with a tagline like Nike, you have to be able to identify what makes its slogan stand out and make an impact to its customers. However, you should always remember that the company has already been running in business for more than 50 years. It has already established its name and brand. And it has invested billions of dollars on advertising and marketing, just to get the message out there.

If you are aiming for a tagline that would impact your customers the way Nike does, you should not only be able to create a top marketing slogan, but you must be able to sustain it. Advertise. Market. Use social media. Most of all, make customer experience enjoyable. Make their emotions last. And the only way to do that is to give quality product and services.

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