How to come up with the best construction company name

In starting your own construction company or building business, at first, it would seem that naming it would be the easiest step. However, you would find out that it is not that easy as you think. It is difficult to choose or come up with the best name which can perfectly fit your kind of business. So what type of name actually works for a construction company or for a building business? What appeals to prospective clients?

Here are some ways on How to Come Up with the Best Construction Company Name.


USE YOUR OWN NAME. Using your own name is effective and ideal when Engineering, Architecture or anything related to construction is your area of expertise. People would trust a construction company which is owned by an expert in the field. Apart from that, choosing your own name adds a personal touch to the company. Having a personal touch builds a personal identity to the business. When this happens, people may distinguish your business more of a persona rather than just an organization.


OPT TO USE A TERM RATHER THAN YOUR NAME. If you are considering the possibility of selling your business in the future or merging with another company, then it is best to not use your name, but rather, use a term related to construction and building. Aside from the possibility of selling or merging, choosing a unique term, other than your own name, would also distinguish your construction company from most of the construction companies doing the same. It is not that using your name is a bad idea, but you have to consider your business plans in deciding whether to do so or not.


CONSIDER BUSINESS PLANS AND THE FUTURE. As mentioned earlier, when you choose or come up with the name, consider your business plans. Also, as mentioned in an earlier blogpost (5 Tips in Choosing a Business Name), you should remember to consider the basics in choosing a name and all the other requirements and essentials in choosing a business name. For coming up with the name for your construction company or business, you need to take note of your vision. What are your future plans? Can your name be more specific on your services or can it be more broad, giving in the possibility of expansion in the future?


CHOOSE A SPECIFIC AREA OF EXPERTISE. You can choose a name which is in line with your area of expertise in construction and building. For example, your expertise is on fixing, so you can include ‘Fixers’ in the name you will choose. Another example is when your specialty is on rebuilding or recreating, you can include ‘Renovations’ or ‘Renovate’ in the name you will come up with. However, one disadvantage in using your expertise in naming your construction business is when you have future plans of expansion. It would be too confusing for your potential market to see ‘Renovations’ in your business name when you also do constructions from scratch. This will possibly exclude you in the search results when clients look for a construction company which does works aside from renovations. Thus, if you use your area of expertise in the construction company name, make sure you do not have future plans of expansion or venturing to other parts of services in building.


KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET. What is your specific target market? Consider the terms which are catchy and attractive to your potential clients. Are you targeting the above middle class clientele? Or are you targeting more on the middle class. Be very specific with your target market. If you want to target clients above the middle class, you may want to come up with a name which is appealing to their standards – for example, ‘Crown Builders’ or ‘Golden Construction’.¬†If you want to cater a wider market, regardless of the status of your clients, an example would be ‘John’s Build and Construct’.


ALWAYS CHECK AVAILABILITY. Never forget to check the availability of the name you are choosing. You do not want to be facing legal charges in the future. So before finalizing, check on its availability and register the name to appropriate agencies. Also, you might want to check the availability of the domain. Having a physical construction company is not enough; you also have to build your online presence in order to compete with other companies in the same industry. Although it is preferable that your business name is the same with your domain name, you can also choose a domain name which is related to your business name – just make sure that it is available and you can own it legally.


RESEARCH. Always and never forget to do some research. Coming up with a construction company name using your own knowledge and experience is great. However, you can always make sure to have a wide range of selection of names if you do a thorough research on your business. You may want to use Google and other search engines for that matter. Read the dictionary or a thesaurus. You might want to read some books on business and construction. Who knows, you would find the word in one of those researches you made and choose it for your construction company.