How to create a great mash-up business name

When creating a business, it is often thought that choosing a catchy name can be the trickiest part. The name has to be unique, interesting, and memorable.

What Goes into a Mash-Up Name?

In a mash-up business name, two or more words may come together to form a new meaning that conveys the mission of a business. Examples may include ‘Mash Ups SharpCast (Sharp + Broadcast) or Groupon (Group + Coupon). Mash up names can be tricky to conjure up.

Conveying your brand to an outside party in just a few words means thinking of a mash-up name with staying power.

A good rule of thumb is to think from the perspective of a customer. What does that customer need? How might they respond to a name? Would you remember this name if you were a customer?

Coming to a Decision

pexels-photo-90333Business names should convey a business’ brand image in a catchy way that is also original and aesthetically pleasing.

Make a name that will capture the attention of someone who is only half paying attention. Be sure that the name is catchy and pleasant to hear.

Does it roll off the tongue? Can you imagine people bringing it up in conversation or recommending it to a friend? Does it sound pleasant in a sentence?

Screen your ideas not only with peers, friends, and, of course, your target audience. Look up successful examples of mash-up names on the web and locally. Create a name your customers love to hear, so you can grow and build your business.