How to Creatively Name your Financial Business

If you notice, the businesses with names that are influenced by creativity are those that usually stand out since their name of choice usually plays with a person’s natural instinct of curiosity when it comes to anything new. The name that you choose for your financial business will serve your audiences better if it is appealing, unique, original, and of course, creative.


Remember that the name makes the brand so your business’ name should be responsible for maintaining the distinctiveness and identity of your company – the reason why a made-up name that is completely unique and easy to remember is one of the best kinds of name to use for your business.


Naming your financial business can be one of the most challenging yet interesting parts of starting a business and there are a few things that you should consider before you start selecting names for this. To help you come up with a creative name, here are some practical and smart ways to assist you in this task:



  • Describe the Business

List down a couple of adjectives that you can use to describe how you want your business to be seen and recognized. Since this name will be for your financial business, try to keep it sounding professional yet catchy. You should also make it appropriate for your target audiences to make it highly appealing for them while still describing your business adequately.



  • Focus the Search

So you have finally decided that you want a great and catchy name that is not boring but still professional sounding for your financial business; if that is the case then you can think outside the box and ignore those keyword-based names so you can focus on names that do not have any keywords at all.



  • Choose a Name that can Last for Years

You should choose a name that can still be used in the future, despite having various plans of expanding and the like. Remember that changing your financial business’ name in the future can be a difficult task, especially if you have to build-up your profile. Think of it this way, naming your business is just like naming your children – will it still sound adequate 30 years from now?


  • Keep the Name Simple and Easy to Remember

Nowadays, people want to find everything and anything as quickly and easily as possible – whether this is online or not. For them to achieve this, you must find a name that is simple, unique, catchy, but easy to remember. Avoid any of those quirky spellings which can be confusing especially if you are sharing your business name with clients or prospects.



  • Make it Legal

Making the name legal is one of the most essential steps when it comes to naming the business since to register or utilize the business name of your choice has a few legal implications; first, you would need to ensure that no one else is already using your selected business name since you might end up being legally prevented from using or publishing that name in the future, and you would not want any of that to happen. Second, you should check if the name is already in use, via name search on the internet; check if your name is still free and available for a website address, Facebook, or even a Twitter account.




In the end, the most important thing would be how your business name is being used consistently; your services must adequately cater to the request of your clients, the branding, logo, plus your work ethics and behavior are still the elements that make your business name more recognized and remembered by the right people, so do not only focus on the name and also focus on the quality of services that you give to your clients and prospects.


However, if you are still thinking of some names for your financial business, here are some that have been recently submitted on Squadhelp which may help you come up with more ideas for your financial business:




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