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How to Find a Business Name


Business names aren’t always easy to find. For some lucky few, a name might appear like an epiphany and you’ll just know that it was meant to be. For most people though, the task is challenging, potentially tedious, and often frustrating. 

We don’t want the excitement of your new business venture to be ruined by the struggle to find the perfect business name, so we’re here to help! Our strategies will help you to land on the perfect business name in no time.

Define what your company is all about

Begin by spending some time defining your company. Think about its purpose, values, and service/product offerings. Who is your target audience? How do you want to do business? What is your brand? This information will help to get you in the right headspace for finding an appropriate business name. 

Set your boundaries

Next, move on to boundaries. There’s likely to be a range of factors that are either non-negotiables or at least guidelines for your name so it’s best to identify these upfront. Think about the positioning of your company and how you want to be represented. Do you want to be seen as traditional and conservative, or modern and cutting-edge? Sensible and reliable, or wild and spontaneous? Putting boundaries in place is a great way to structure your thoughts. Without them, the whole process can seem too overwhelming and it can be difficult to make progress.

Identify your building blocks

Once you’ve done some initial thinking, identify your building blocks. These are key words and phrases that have come up through your business definition and boundary setting processes that might be able to be turned into a name. 

Brainstorm ideas

Using your guidelines and building blocks, begin brainstorming ideas. Let your imagination run wild. This is not the time to restrict your thoughts – get creative and see what happens! Even if you don’t find the perfect name, your brainstorming might trigger thoughts when using other techniques.

Do your research

If you are unable to come up with a name, try using outside sources. Jump online and do some browsing to see if anything stands out. You might look at competitors, the sector, or simply search some of your building blocks to see if the results generate ideas.

Use a thesaurus 

Sometimes, a synonym can give you the creative flair you need in a business name. Grab a thesaurus and look for other words that you could use in place of your building blocks. It might give you the combination you’ve been looking for!

Search for symbolism

Think about your business and what it represents. Is it possible to use symbolism to create a business name? Many companies have found success with imagery and metaphors that leave a longstanding impression with their audience. Good examples of this are Red Bull and Boost Juice. Start thinking about different ways you can express your brand through symbolism and you just might land on the right business name.

Put it to a group

If you are still stuck, it’s time to seek help. More often than not, putting this type of dilemma to a group will be more successful than sitting there stewing over the problem yourself. With Squadhelp, you can set up a contest for people to suggest business names for your company. Your previous work won’t have been for nothing as these will be the parameters for the contest, providing direction for participants. All you need is to start the online competition and you’ll start receiving ideas!

Finding a business name isn’t always easy but it is a vital part of building your brand. Investing the time to get it right will pay off in the end. 

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Jenna is a branding consultant at, the World's #1 Naming Platform.

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