How To Make More Money As A Freelancer

When you’re freelancing, it can be difficult to make enough money to live comfortably, at least at first. Maybe you don’t have enough clients, or perhaps you’re not charging enough. Below we have collated some tips and places to make more money as a freelancer.

Use A Platform

Even though most platforms take a cut from your pay check, it is much easier to find clients this way. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and Guru allow you to apply to jobs or attract people to your offerings. Think of them as speed dating, but online. You have to impress with the first interaction or else you may not get a second date. Make sure all of your profile is filled out and include some previous examples of work. If you do not have any, create some. Potential clients are more likely to work with you if they can see your previous work.

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Other platforms include;

People Per Hour




Work On Your Proposals

You may end up sending out 20 proposals before you get a reply, but don’t fret. Make sure you put your heart and soul into every proposal you send and tailor it to each job posting – even if it is the same client posting it. The more effort you put in for the proposal, the more likely to are to get it. I recommend starting with a base outline proposal for each of my skills and then adjust it for each job. This will help save you time and will keep your proposals being top notch. The better your proposals are, the more likely you will get a higher paying client.

Here are some proposal writing tips if you are unsure.

Research Your Competitors


This is one of the most vital aspects when you’re going freelance, you need to see what everyone else is up to. What are they doing online? Where are they? How much do they charge and what skills do they have? This will allow you to create a plan and also to charge a reasonable amount. Keep in mind, from platform to platform the expected prices can change to research each platform too.

A cheeky way to do this is by posting a fake job on a freelance website and seeing what your competitors reply with.

Prepare A Video Pitch

Many potential clients are wary when buying someone online as it’s harder to build up a rapport and a relationship with this person. Put a 60-90 second video pitch on your profile explaining what you can do and what your strengths are. You could also create custom video proposals too to make yours stand out from the rest.

Get Your Own Website

The content you have placed on freelancing platforms can also be used to build a website. A website allows 1000’s more businesses to see your work as it is not limited to just a platform. WordPress makes it super easy to build a website and they have 100’s of free themes. Make sure to add a portfolio of your work and consider starting a blog.

You can market your website on your Social Media accounts and also on your freelancing platforms. I recommend doing this as it’s an easy way to avoid the site fees.

So now we’ve spoken about how to get clients, we’re now going to talk about client retention and some more ways to make a little extra.

Be Transparent


Every day there are hundreds of people deciding they want to become freelancers and the market is being saturated with talented individuals. If you want to make more money as a freelancer, transparency can go a long way. It can help you keep your clients as it builds trust between you. In a nutshell, transparency is being completely honest about everything, even if you mess up.

  • Ways you can be transparent include;
  • Admitting your mistakes
  • Having an FAQ page on your website
  • An About Me page
  • Updating clients regularly
  • Adding pricing to your website
  • Including previous recommendations and testimonials
  • Showing your current work in action

Get Reviews, Raise Prices

Once you start getting clients, you can then get your testimonials and reviews. The more you have, the more you can raise your prices. Even if your first clients are only $15/hr, these will be your stepping stones to $50/hr and $150/hr. Don’t turn down cheaper work if you have the capacity as this is what will build your reputation.

Give A Little Extra


Everybody loves getting a little extra. If your client asked for a leaflet design, why not send over a matching business card design or perhaps a new header image for their Facebook page. Little touches like this make clients feel valued and will make them remember you – thus more likely to become a return client.

Use Your Initative

Sometimes you need to use your brain instead of asking your clients questions all of the time. Clients don’t have time to worry about what you’re doing, that’s why they hired you. Unless it’s something very important, use your own initiative.

Don’t Forget Personal Development

When you’re freelancing, there are many other new kids coming on the block with different and better skills, it’s competitive out there. Always strive to improve by asking your clients for feedback and working on any issues that may arise. You should also consider learning new skills or brushing up on old ones by reading books or doing online courses on websites like Udemy or Alison and even Youtube.

When you begin your career as a freelancer, it can be difficult to know how to make a living out of it. With these tips above, you will be able to get your first clients and make more money. Here at Squadhelp, we have an awesome freelancing community plus a forum for everyone to chat on, you can make friends whilst making money!