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How to Name Your Mobile App


Great names preframe a brand experience, attract attention, get remembered, connect with an audience, and facilitate buzz, referrals, and sales. Your mobile app name can be a true communication asset, helping you reach key business goals – and we’re not just talking about abstract goals like the development of brand recognition over time:

When the owners of a mobile app use a great name, they are likely to attract more customers from app stores than their competition who is using a flat, uninteresting name.  And no one wants to be the business that causes this awkward situation:

“Hey, where did you get that app? I’d love one just like it!”

“Oh, this. It was on the app store when I was looking for new games. It was … oh, I can remember the name right now.”

With this in mind, follow these guidelines to develop your owner amazing mobile app name ideas and finding a great name that will help you succeed:   

Know Where You’re Going and Learn How to Get There

You are launching a brand new company, and you’re struggling to find the right name. The first step is to hone the creative process. Start by thinking about the brand that you’re trying to build, and determine some core concepts essential to the success of your app.

Most people choose mobile app name ideas that are modern, memorable, and meaningful. Also, consider names that will position you as fun or essential.

Ask yourself, What do I want people to know about my mobile app immediately?

Here are some common answers:

  • It is High-end
  • It is Modern
  • It is Unique
  • It is Fun

Deciding which direction works best for your company will give you a sharp focus and help you develop a name (and a brand) that will support your success.  

Swish, a winning name from one of the many Squadhelp Mobile App Naming Contests, is a great example of a modern name that makes you feel like you’re scoring that winning shot, that’s how good the videos are. 

Firm Up Your Needs

Now that you’ve decided on a central direction, create a one or two sentence project statement to keep your naming efforts laser focused. Here are some examples:

  • Our name needs to sound vibrant and bold so everyone who sees it knows they want to check it out
  • Our name needs to be modern and describe our key ideas of fun and knowledge
  • Our name needs to be strong and really set us apart from the competition
  • Our name needs to be high-end and show people that our app can get them everything they’re looking for

A lot of businesses dive into their naming project head first without taking the appropriate time to set the stage for success, hoping that “creativity” and “inspiration” will swoop in and provide an amazing outcome. After 15,000 naming projects, developing hundreds of mobile app name ideas, we believe strongly in a more systemic and strategic approach.

This is an example of a short name that lets you know exactly what you’re doing as soon as you see it. The project statement that resulted in the brand name probably read something like this: Our name needs to show what we do and it needs to be simple to understand as well.

What Moves You Forward?

Now it’s time to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard … stylus to tablet). However you like to work, it’s time to brainstorm ideas.

Research your competition – Understanding the mobile apps you’re competing against is an important aspect of developing effective mobile app name ideas. One of the major decisions you’ll want to make when naming your mobile app is, Do I want to fit in or stand out from the app industry?

Develop an Inspiration Deck – You can find inspiration for your mobile app name ideas in so many places. Take a drive around town writing down your favorite names that you find, get a list of successful brands across any industry you can image using your go-to search engine, or explore winning business names ideas from crowdsourced branding contests. Building a list of inspiration is a well respected copywriting technique, and it will certainly help you develop great business name ideas as well.

When searching through mobile app name ideas, you might be surprised and inspired by an outside the box approach like Here and Now. But it conjures up the idea of really living in the present moment and enjoying things around you.

Everything Your Name Needs

From a technical naming standpoint there are some important principles that you want to keep in mind:

Is it easy to say? Unfortunately, you may have to pass on a meaningful name if it’s difficult to say. For example, the iae vowel construct of the Latin word patriae (country) could cause much confusion if used in a business name.

Is it easy to hear? Test your name by calling a friend and saying, “I’m thinking about [insert name] as the name of my business. What do you think?” If there is a long pause or the reply is “What’s the name again?” You might have an issue.

Is it easy to spell? Simple misspellings such as Lyft, Flickr, Xero can work really well for a brand. But names that are very hard to spell will hinder your marketing and communication efforts.

Is it appealing?  Is your name pleasant to see and hear? Many times, in a quest to be unique or edgy, companies will select a name that lacks appeal with the target market. Consumers should like how your name looks and sounds. If they do, it’s much more likely that they’ll want to learn more about your business and talk to friends about your brand.

Is it remarkable?  Is your name memorable, and does it start conversations? Today’s average consumer is constantly bombarded by companies and products vying for their attention and business.

Is it evocative? Is your name emotional, experiential, descriptive, elegant, witty? A name should inspire a response from your target audience.

Also remember to avoid …

Obscure names: Can your name only be understood by a few people? Don’t go for an obscure name that only a handful of your target audience will be able to recall quickly. While a small number of your customers may appreciate an obscure name that only they understand, the rest will be confused and move on.

Neutral names: Is your name too safe or too boring? While you don’t want to choose an obscure or difficult name, you also don’t want to overcorrect and select a name that simply doesn’t excite consumers. A dull name means that you won’t stand out in a sea of competitors, putting you at a disadvantage from the start.

Your Brand Comes First

A great mobile app name will always be less appealing than your competition’s mediocre brand. It’s very hard to look at a list of names and get excited about them. One, two, or three words on a page can often feel flat.

The ability to bring a company to life in your mind is critical to the naming process. Imagine the story. Visualize the logo. See it on your products and packaging. Without envisioning your brand, you’ll have trouble getting behind any of the business name ideas that you’ve generated.

With just the simple house logo this app name really creates an impression. It also makes you think that it’s going to help you find your new ‘nest.’

There’s Work to Be Done

Developing business name ideas is only the beginning of the process. There are four important name validation steps that you’ll definitely want to complete before deciding on your business name:

Once you’ve decided on a few name ideas, you’ll want to get unbiased feedback. It’s great that you and your team are excited about your business name ideas, but general audience approval is an encouraging way to know that you’ve found a name that will truly help you succeed. Positive feedback via audience testing can indicate that your name resonates well and properly aligns with your target audience. While objectively there are no “perfect” names, vetting your shortlist of business name ideas against each other with an unbiased group will provide you valuable information that will help you make a final decision with confidence.

Learn the three additional critical validation steps – discover how to pick a business name.

And It’s Yours

Follow this tested process to create a business name that will become a true asset for years to come. Take the time to set the foundation for your project, develop great ideas, and validate there usability – and you’ll find a name that will attract attention, make connections, get remembered, and increase your bottom line.

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This fun and vibrant name could be for absolutely anything, so the sky is the limit on what you can come up with.

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