How to name your restaurant without hassle

Nothing is more stable than the food business industry. There are various types of food businesses available – food delivery services, fast-food chains, restaurants and more. The food business is stable enough to create a tough competition among food business owners. If you’re thinking about building a restaurant or already in the process of in doing it, you very well know that one of the hassles of such process is choosing the right name. Coming up with the perfect name that would perfectly fit your restaurant business is not easy, but it is one of the crucial elements in marketing your business.

So how do you name your restaurant without going through all the hassle – stress, mental block, lack of ideas, too broad choices, etc. If you want to avoid all these hassle in naming your restaurant business, then you should carefully read the discussion below.

What is your food concept?

Before you start choosing a name for your restaurant, you should first consider your concept. What is your main concept of the food you are going to serve? What is the main concept of your restaurant? There are actually several concepts you can choose from:

Family style restaurants

These kind of restaurants target families, thus it usually encourage families to visit their outlets. Menus include a wide variety of choices, which appeal to various ages – from toddlers, kids, middle-aged, and seniors. The ambiance of a family restaurant does not discourage kids from visiting it. It welcomes all types of customers – young and old, men and women. You can consider naming this restaurant with something that would appeal to families – something cozy and welcoming. Famous family restaurants recommended by the Parents website are Mimi’s Cafe, The Old Spaghetti Factory, Noodles & Company, and Red Robin.

Restaurant food trucks

These kind of restaurants are usually mobile. An advantage of this kind of concept is that you get to travel and go where your target market is. You can always test one place and another, depending on where you sell more. Food trucks are popular nowadays. They are everywhere, even in social media. Most names considered in this restaurant concept are modern, creative and fun. Examples of food truck restaurants are Kogi Bbq Taco Truck & Catering, Phat Cart Cafe, King of Pops, and The Waffle Bus.


If you choose to have a seafood concept, then your menu should comprise all types of seafood dishes – if not all, then most. This concept requires proper monitoring and constant update from the market. Availability of some dishes may be seasonal and requires more time in preparing than others. Businesses like Salty’s on Alki, Pike Place Chowder, The Angry Crab, Brown Bag Seafood, Shaw’s Crabhouse and Oyster House can easily be identified as being seafood restaurants because of their names.

Order and grill

The order and grill concept creates a laid-back atmosphere. Usually, this type offers an open space where food are grilled and served to customers. Since grilling is the business, the business name you may consider should reflect the laid-back personality of your business and the people within its target market. These order and grill restaurants can inspire you in choosing one for your business – Herman’s Ribhouse, Hometown Bar-B-Que, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, and Kerlin BBQ.

Pasta and sandwich

Pasta and sandwich usually appeals to the younger generation. It may appeal to the older ones, but with today’s trends, millennials love visiting this type of restaurant. If you are building your business within this concept, choose a name which conveys to your potential customers what you are selling. You can choose your specialty. Or you can also choose a name which is trendy and appealing to young audiences. Get your inspiration from Cafe Chew, Belfry Bistro, Mamoun’s Falafel, and Eataly.

Sweets and desserts

This restaurant have sweets and desserts in its main menu. Sandwiches and pasta may be served, but the main food category is dessert. It usually focuses on being classic, vintage and sweet. If you are opening a desserts restaurant, you might as well consider choosing a name which is simple but classy. Choose something that would give your customers an idea of what they will be getting from your restaurant. Some examples are Milktooth, Rose’s Fine Food, Cheesecake Factory, Krispy Kreme, and Serendipity 3.

Are you comfortable with using your restaurant’s location?

If your business plans do not include expanding to other parts of the country or the world, then yes, you can surely use your location. Including your location in your restaurant name can be advantageous on your part, especially if you’re eyeing tourists to come and visit your place. The usual practice of people visiting a city or town is searching through the Internet of the nearest possible place to eat. And what do they type in to the search bar? They include the location, of course! Choosing a name like Kentucky Fried Chicken is actually a good idea. However, Kentucky Fried Chicken is now popularly known as KFC, since it expanded globally.

How do you want to make your customers feel?

There are a wide range of name choices. The words are countless and the ideas are freely flowing. But how do you want your customers to feel? What emotions do you want them to experience when they dine in your restaurant? Do you want them to feel cozy, comfortable, relaxed or what? A popular restaurant in our place is named Sans Rival. It actually means “Nothing compares.” Truly, when we dine in that place, the feeling is never comparable to other restaurants. It has a unique menu which cannot be found in other restaurants in our city.

What would you feel about a negative adjective tied in a business name?

Yes, you are allowed to play with words in choosing a name for your restaurant. But I strongly urge you to stay away from negative adjectives. These are not real restaurant names. But I need you to choose between the two: Master Chef’s Diners OR Grumpy Ben’s Kitchen. Most people with choose the first one. The second one does not necessarily mean it’s a bad name, but it has a stronger chance of being slash out when considering what restaurant to visit. Choosing is negative adjective is too risky, especially if you are just starting in your business.

Name or quality food and service?

Choosing the right name which perfectly fits your restaurant is crucial, especially in the first stages of your business. However, marketing and selling your business does not stop once you already chose a name. You may have the best name which call out customers to flock into your place and try out your food, but do you have something which will make them stay and visit once more? Choose the right name and make sure to provide quality food and service.  Yes, food and service. You might have the most delicious food, but if your service is down the drain, then it can include your food down with it.


So, choose the best and most perfect name that would fit your business in order to attract potential customers. Choose something that would reflect your restaurant’s concept, personality and theme. Make sure that you don’t trick people by making sure that you send out the right message of what you are serving. Choose the best name for your restaurant and, at the same time, do your best to give quality food and services.