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Most Inspiring People in the Domain Industry


While the Domain Industry can be competitive, there are several people who continue to go out of their way to educate and inspire other investors.

Recently we took to Twitter to ask domain investors who have inspired them the most

It was heartwarming to see so many responses from domain investors who were inspired by others.

Here is a compilation of all those people who have inspired others the most. The list is based upon the number of mentions each person received in the Twitter responses. Needless to say, there are several more people who were probably not mentioned in the Twitter responses, but are inspiring others in their own way.

Most Inspiring People In The Domain Industry

  1. Rick Schwartz (@DomainKing)
  2. Michael Cyger (@MichaelCyger)
  3. Andrew Rosener (@andrewrosener)
  4. Darryl Lopes (@DarrylLopes)
  5. Mike Berkens (@thedomains)
  6. Bob Hawkes (@AGreatDomain)
  7. Morgan Linton (@MorganDOTLinton)
  8. Shane Cultra (@DomainShane)
  9. Keith DeBoer (@BrandableInsidr)
  10. @AbleBrands
  11. Braden Pollock (@BradenPollock)
  12. Josh Reason (@JoshDotCo)
  13. AbdulBasit Makrani (@abmakrani)
  14. Yogi Solanki (@ysolanki)
  15. James Iles (@jamesiles)
  16. Hiren Patel ( @QualityNames_)
  17. Rob Monster (@robmonster)
  18. Alex Verdea (@AlexVerdea)
  19. Elliot Silver (@DInvesting)
  20. Nikul Sanghvi (@hypernames)
  21. Mike Mann (@mikemanndotcom)
  22. Deepak Daftari (@DeepakDaftari8)
  23. Jay Paudyal (@jaypaudyal)
  24. Alvin Brown (@alvinbrown)
  25. @Domainicate

While the above list received the most mentions, there were several more who were also mentioned:


A big THANK YOU to all those who continue to inspire others in the Domain Industry.

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