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12 Latin Words to Consider When Creating Consulting Company Name Ideas


Choosing the right words when developing consulting company name ideas can directly contribute to the company’s long-term success. Words are what enable us to compartmentalize and understand the world. Words, like poetry, can invoke a range of emotions and, naturally, the right words can invoke the emotions your company is hoping to inspire.

Latin words in particular are associated with their emotional impact and meaning. Latin is a language that is associated with timelessness, strength, and consistency. When trying to generate consulting company name ideas, these 12 Latin words can get you pointed in the right direction.

Auxilium (Help)

People will turn to your firm because they are looking for some sort of help. Auxilium is an effective word because not only is it clearly the root of several different words in English (such as auxiliary), it also uses the power letter ‘x’.

Cognitio (Idea, Cognition)

When trying to come up with consulting company name ideas, you are going to want to demonstrate your organization’s ability to think. Cognitio is an excellent way to prove you can generate original ideas.

Imperium (Power)

As the primary language of the Roman Empire, Latin is naturally associated with power. Using the word imperium can effectively compare your business to one of the greatest empires in human history.

Industria (Energy, Industry)

Industry is one of Benjamin Franklin’s “13 virtues” and is something that you undeniably want to be associated with your business. The use of the word industria demonstrates that your business is willing to put in the work needed to get the job done.

Libertas (Freedom)

Freedom is a quintessential American value and can be appreciated in essentially every industry. By using the word libertas, you are suggesting that your business enables the free movement of ideas and has unlimited potential.

Melius (Improvement)

Naturally, the reason any business would be interested in your services is because they are hoping to improve. When coming up with consulting company name ideas, you want to focus on those that help exhibit the value you can offer your clients.

Motus (Movement)

Movement is necessary for progress and necessary for your clients to achieve their goals. Motus is a word that clearly shows your ability to help your clients move in pursuit of their long-term objectives.

Novus (New)

If you want to show your business is better than the competition, you will need to show that what you offer is new. Novus, and forms of this word such as Nova, is a commonly used Latin word and a way your business can easily distinguish itself.

Populi (People)

Consulting company name ideas should show what you can offer the people. Populi is a word that is easy to say, easy to understand, and still very original. This word unifies and conveys a sense of humanitarianism as well as community. 

Progressus (Progress)

Like the words movement and improvement, the word progress shows that you can position your clients somewhere that is better than the status quo. Additionally, the fact that Latin translation is a compound of “progress” and “us” suggests that these goals will be accomplished together.

Victoria (Victory)

The business world is undeniably competitive. Naturally, whatever business your clients may be in, they are in the midst of a competition they are hoping to win. The word victoria suggests to your clients that you can put them ahead of the rest.

Vox (Voice)

Lastly, your consulting company name ideas should suggest to your clients you will give them the voice they are looking for. Not only does the word vox utilize the power letter ‘x’, it is also easy to spell and easy to pronounce. This word is short and to the point. 


Having a strong name is obviously just one component of running a successful business, but it is certainly something that should not be overlooked. Each of these words offers your business the opportunity to demonstrate its originality.

As you move forward in your naming process, check out this proven approach to naming and browse through our collection of winning name ideas.

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