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Legal Business Name Ideas – Get Inspired


The legal industry is one that is highly competitive. Each of your prospective clients will inevitably have a number of different legal companies to choose from. Naturally, if you are hoping to get their attention, you will need to find a way to distinguish yourself from the competition.

One of the surest ways you can stand out amongst a sea of other firms is by coming up with a strong name for your legal business. A strong name is one that will be able to effectively project your firm’s desired image, be easily remembered by prospective clients, and establish the level of credibility that is absolutely necessary for law business to succeed.

When coming up with an effective legal business name ideas, you will want to keep your stated purpose and target audience in mind. The name that is right for your specific firm will depend on the variables that make it unique. But even keeping these things in mind, the following legal firm names may inspire you and get you pointed in the right direction:

Imagery is a very important component of the naming process. The name Frontline Injury is particularly effective because it not only mentions the firm’s specialty (injury law), it also inspires an image of the first line of defense (frontline).

The term ‘mountain’ inspires an image of strength and permanence. It also can function as an essential point of geographic distinction. The term ‘alliance’ is similarly useful because it describes exactly what you are hoping for in a law firm.

This is a great name for an estate planning firm for multiple reasons. The term ‘will’ declares the firm’s specific area of expertise and the term ‘one’ projects the sort of synergy people are expecting to find in an estate planner.

This name takes a simple approach to establishing a brand that focuses on medical legal consulting. Uses the name ‘Courtroom MD’ leaves little room for ambiguity.

One of the most popular trends in the naming industry is the use of portmanteaus to create original words. A name such as Thinkvisor—a portmanteau of the words ‘think’ and ‘advisor’—can help create a clean, modern, and fresh image.

WealthBridge—a wealth and estate planning business—is another company name that evokes an image of strength and utility. Inspiring potential clients to think of the brand as a bridge to their financial objectives is an effective way to captivate the target audience.


Obviously there are a variety of different approaches you can take when naming your law firm or legal business. What is clear, however, is that the industry has been rapidly shifting away from the traditional model of simply using the names of the founders.

Taking the time to create a list of potentially effective legal business name ideas can help your law firm create the level of distinction you have been actively searching for. If you can find a way to stand out when placed on a list of all law firms in your area, then you will be more likely to create a lasting impression in the minds of your future clients.


Insights from 19,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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