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How to Develop Names for Your Legal Business


If you are the owner or operator of any sort of legal business, one of your most immediate uphill battles is establishing credibility. Naturally, the purest way you can establish credibility is by working hard, being honest, and dedicating yourself to your business. But until you have earned the reputation you are striving for, much of your firm’s credibility is going to come directly from the strength of your brand.

Generating an effective list of legal business names is one of the surest ways you can productively establish your brand’s public image. Though, traditionally, many law firms have gotten their names from the names of the founders, there has recently been an active shift away from this industry tradition. Keeping these simple tips in mind can help you effectively find a name for your firm.

Be willing to be creative

If your prospective clients are looking at a long list of legal services business names, you will want to be sure to choose a name that is distinct. The problem with using the traditional method to come up with legal practice names are that names such as “Johnson & Smith” are difficult to remember and do not really stand out. Taking a chance and using a more creative approach can certainly pay off in the long-run.

Focus on your specialty

Most successful legal businesses end up choosing some sort of specialty or another. Whether you are a law firm that specializes in divorce, corporate legal issues, estate planning, or anything else, your name ought to be something that directly reflects that. Additionally, mentioning your specialty in your name will also make your firm more likely to appear when your prospective clients are conducting a “cold” search on the internet.

Think about the values you are trying to project

When thinking about how to name your legal business, it is important to realize that your name is likely the first impression a potential client will have of your business. No matter what your name may be, it will immediately generate a specific mental image. That image is remains entirely up to you to decide. Take a look at these legal business name ideas for inspiration.

If you want your business to project a strong, assertive, and dominant image, you will want to be convey these traits right in your legal business name. On the other hand, a law firm that is trying to emphasize its affordability might want to adopt an entirely different approach to the naming process.


Before you choose a final name for your legal practice, you will want to make sure there are no copyright or domain name restrictions that might present you with a problem in the future. You may also want to consider utilizing a test market group and see which prospective names evoke the most positive responses. By paying attention to the details and keeping these simple tips in mind, your legal business can begin to establish an effective branding strategy even before your first client.


Insights from 19,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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