Level up your personal brand with little budget

Be an entrepreneur and own your time! Yes, these are the usual words from thriving entrepreneurs. And they are not wrong. When you become one, you might be working as much as you do when you were employed, but at least this time, you work hard for something you are building – your own business. However, as much as entrepreneurs own their time, they cannot own all the money needed to market themselves. FACT: This is true especially when you are just starting. Well, unless you’ve hit the jackpot or have been blessed to be born on a silver spoon. And that is probably why you are reading this right now! Don’t worry, you can still build your business and own all the money you can. But first, you must build your brand.

As entrepreneurs, you must have strategies. It is understandable to look for cheaper ways in building your personal brand. However, you must not sacrifice the quality and effectiveness of the process just to save on the budget. I truly understand you. So to save you the hassle and some dollars, here are ways to level up your personal brand when your budget is limited.

Have fun with Social Media!

You read that right. Who says you can’t work and have fun at the same time? Do you know that social media is a very powerful tool in building your personal brand and marketing yourself out there, without spending a dime? All you need is to invest time and ideas – and of course, enjoy the process. Create a Facebook Page for yourself. Join the Twitter community! Be trendy on Instagram. Have time for Pinterest! Yes, all these social accounts, which you can register for free can actually be used for marketing yourself and building your own personal brand.

You don’t have to budge into all of these platforms, just choose the ones which you are most comfortable with. You might shell out some costs if you opt to use Facebook Ads, Twitter for Business and Instagram Promotions. But that’s your call. And they only cost you little. In using these platforms, make sure that you send out the right message to your audience. Be yourself and be the person you want people to know you. Be consistent. If you just create an account, go active, then go M.I.A., then you are not helping yourself.

Build a network online and get yourself some business buds.

With Facebook and all other social media platforms, building a network online has never been this easy. You can use Facebook groups and pages. If you are trying to build yourself as a business consultant, then create a group for your target market. If your target market are small business owners, then create that group using a catchy name. You can name your Facebook group as “Ambitious Small Biz Entrepreneurs” or something like that. In doing so, you are gathering yourself potential clients and at the same time, introducing yourself – who you are, your personality, your business, your identity. In other words, you are introducing to them your personal brand. Aside from that, you are building it by engaging with the group.

You don’t just stop in creating the group and throwing out posts which promote yourself. Of course, you can always promote what you do and your business. But do not just post promotional content. Include contents which are helpful, insightful, and value-adding to your network. Share some tips. Ask them about their businesses. Occasionally give free offers. In other words, invest some time in helping and creating value. I assure you, the value you share will surely come back to you.

Follow and connect with influencers!

There is no one more worth following than someone who knows what he is talking about – especially someone is known for his business and success. Follow and connect with influencers. Engage in their posts, as much as possible. Join their network. There is nothing more convincing than an influencer recommending your services to his network. You are not only learning from an expert, you are also building your personal brand and marketing it to potential clients.

Another way is to find people who you think can gratefully influence your potential market and connect with them. These people do not necessarily have the popularity of an expert or an entrepreneur. These people can be your potential clients who you have shared your knowledge and services with. Engage in them and connect with them on a personal level. Never underestimate the power of their referrals.

Be a proactive client or customer. 

You are also a client or a customer yourself. If you find a product which is very reliable and a service which you are very satisfied with, then be ready to give your comments and reviews on their website or any other platform where you can do so. Chances are, the company would share your good feedback to their customers, and that would include a link to your profile or your bio.

Create industry specific content which gives value

As an entrepreneur during this modern age, it is always advisable to have a website or at least, a blog site. Use your website to engage to your target market, aside from the social media platforms mentioned earlier. Be someone who gives your target market something which they need and want. Create industry specific content which helps your potential clients in their area of business or life. Do not publish for the sake of gaining online presence. Publish to give value. When you give value, you are creating value for yourself and your personal brand.