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Marketing strategies for your fashion label


We all know that the fashion industry is a very aggressive, ambitious, and competitive place; with various celebrity lines and endorsements, designers who create clothes right in the comfort of their homes or stores filled with merchandise, you surely have a lot of competition to face before you can even introduce your own fashion line to prospective customers.


Despite these circumstances, you can simply take your marketing approaches into your own hands so you can eventually exhibit your fashion line to those prospective clients and customers in an assortment of creative and ingenious ways; show off your talents and appeal to a set of new audiences by following some of these tips on how to effectively market your fashion line.


  • Bring your fashion business online

The World Wide Web offers a lot of opportunities to reach a large number of individuals, so take some time to build a creative website that features videos and photos of your fashion aspirations; create virtual tours of your boutique or simply stage a fashion show to advertise your clothing line. Your site is the key for every other online marketing strategy that you may think of, and it also serves as your customers’ area for detailed product information.


  • Connect through the web

In association to the previous tip, if your fashion line has not really progressed in a physical store, you can always create a virtual shop in one or more marketplaces online. Here, you can customize your shop and take advantage of tools that you can use to increase your marketing efforts which can be a little easier compared to handling an actual store.


However, you should remember that consistency and frequency is a must when operating online shops; regularly update your site’s images and promotional verbiages, or use visual media by uploading fashion shows on your site that focuses on your line, company and brand name.


  • Make your line go viral

Proper marketing of your fashion business can help you attract the attention of a lot of potential customers; an example of this would be putting up a kiosk along a busy street where you can showcase and exhibit the items you offer. Attach a business card and have brochures or fliers ready for those individuals who find interest in your products.


Another thing that could work greatly is to display a sign indicating that one item is free for the taking, and with that, word about your business will spread rapidly and everyone will soon talk about and search for your fashion line.


  • Get personal

You can easily market your brand by promoting and hosting fashion parties in your home; create a catalogue plus sales kits that include samples which you can use for your home fashion show. Ask your friends to host various parties and provide free items from your line, such as a signature scarf etc., for each attendee.


Another great idea is to develop partnerships with local hotels, spas, conference center, to cultivate the possibility of having them sponsor and house your fashion boutique.



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Insights from 19,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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