Name a Business – Ways to Name your Food Truck Business

What is in the name of your food truck business? Some would say it is the success and failure of a business or company but as a culinary entrepreneur, selecting a name for your food truck is a very important, crucial, and critical task. Going through a list of ideas for business names can actually be a long and tedious task.

When trying to come up with an efficient and effective name for your food truck business, the number of options and ideas can be quite overwhelming; so here are some interesting tips that are designed to help narrow down the field to name a business easier:


  • Choose a Name that is Related to the Business


The name of your business should easily reflect and convey what your business is and what your services are. Your customers and prospects should automatically get an idea of what you have in store for them once they walk up to your window. An example would be the name “Ocean Delights” – it would be misleading and completely off if this was the name of your food truck business and your main menu does not consist of seafood.

Keep in mind that certain names bring about images and thoughts; you want these ideas to lead people to you and your mobile food bistro.


  • Make the Name Short and Easy to Spell Out


It can be interesting if your food truck has a uniquely crazy name but sometimes, the quirky misspellings and extremely ‘unique’ food truck names can be frustrating for customers. No one really wants to waste their time spelling out the name of a business each time they talk to others about it. You should make the name of your business phonetic so people can easily Google it after hearing it out loud.


  • Choose a Memorable Name


The name you choose for your food truck business should be something easy to remember; you can test its efficiency by telling at least ten people about the name you chose, then after a week, come back to them and ask if they remember it. If less than seven people recalled the name, it is best for you to reconsider and come up with more memorable business name ideas that easily catch the attention of everyone around.

Make the name easy to remember so customers can share this with their family and friends – word of mouth is the best way for people to talk about your food truck business and this will be difficult if the name that you choose is difficult to remember.


  • Ensure that the Business Name you Chose is Legal to use


Before you even start to name a business and feel that connection with it, and even before you decide to start advertising the name, you need to take some time to do a little research to make sure that the name is still available and legal to use. There is a big chance that you will not be able to utilize the names that you choose so before going any further, make sure that no one has already registered the name of your choice and is still free to use.



It is necessary for you to choose a name that will urge customers, especially newcomers to try out your food and treats, at least once. Whether these individuals return or decide not to, it is all about their first-time experience but first off, it is you who needs to entice them to draw them in.

Choose a name that will be like a magnet that attracts customers, but if you think that it is still a difficult task, one easy way to get name ideas is by hosting your own naming contest in sites like Squadhelp, where creatives from all over the world will compete to offer you the best name for your food truck business.