How to Come Up With A Great Home Improvement Business Name

From the beginning, your customers have already experienced and heard about the name of your business even before they have met you. The reason for this is that your business’ name serves as a solid foundation of your brand while it also supports your marketing.


Also, this is one thing that will unlikely change in your business which is why a business name should be unique, catchy, and easy to remember. When you start thinking of a name for your home improvement business, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and ask yourself what impressions, influences, and ideas they will get after hearing it: With the name you chose, will the clients easily know what your services are? Will they have a quick idea about what you’re selling?


If you’re already well-known and have a positive reputation in the industry, you can use your own name for your home improvement business; otherwise, try to find one that will be catchy, unique, and easy for people to remember. It’s also suggested to choose a name that will be the same as your website; register the name whether you’ll start a website or not. To help you with creating a name for your business, here are a few steps that you can follow to make those ideas flowing.


1.Take notice of your business’ legal structure since it will impact and influence your ideas when naming your business. Given the situation that your home improvement business is a Limited Liability Company or LLC, it will be required to have this acronym included to your business name.


2. If possible, include the services you offer or your main product in your business name. An example of this would be if your home improvement business concentrates specifically on roof repairs or the like, fit in “roof repair” to your name so people know what you’re offering and you can easily target your audience.


3. Join different kinds of home improvement organizations / institutions or sign up for industry-based magazines to search for naming patterns that you can use to help create names that are unique and personalized.


4. Even if your memory is good, remember to list down possible name options for your home improvement business. When you have come up with a variety of choices, narrow your list down to the top ten then do it again by trimming your list down to the best five. From there, it will be easier for you to choose a name appropriate for your home improvement business.

When you’ve chosen your top five, remember to visit your city’s secretary of state office’s site and file your name of choice by conducting a trade name search. Usually, they would require you to provide more than one choice of names so the administrative staff can simultaneously check on available names.


5. Lastly, come up with an abstract name that is memorable and unique for your business. Ensure that it doesn’t limit what you can do and offer in five years. It’s better to choose business names that can be altered to a discernable domain name; this is to enable customers to find you easily, online, when they require your services.


Since there are a lot of product and service lines that stem from renovating commercial and residential structures, the process of naming your home improvement can be a big challenge. You’ll have to consider a lot of factors to decide on a name that reflects your services and company while ensuring that the name is unique and memorable for people. Keep a few creative and standard ideas in mind for you to handle the stress when deciding on how and what to name your company, and for a few suggestions, here are some Home Improvement business names that have recently been submitted on Squadhelp:

  • BellaBath
  • Storm Guard
  • PunchDog
  • HomeCentral