Catchy name ideas for Restaurant or Food Service Businesses

For those starting a new restaurant or Food service business, there are several factors involved in setting yourself apart from others –   ambience, great location and most importantly, a choice of delectable, delicious, and scrumptious dishes.

However, for people to know about your food business and for them to spread the word with others, it’s necessary for you to have a well-thought-out name that will aid you in branding and marketing your food service business. Here are some suggestions on how to come up with a memorable name for a restaurant or food service business.

  • Straightforward Ideas

Create a chart, graph, or list of various ideas and words that are linked to catering, food, and various words from the industry. Every word that comes to mind should be listed down during the process of analyzing, even the funniest or the most obscure names should be written because you might land yourself a perfect name for your food service business from these unusual words.You can also leaf through your local phone book to study some of the business names and catering services that are available; keep in mind that these names are just there to inspire you for ideas since copying names will not benefit you and your business.

  • Foreign Words

For your food service business, using foreign words can be a great way to create cool sounding business nicknames. Choose a language that’s associated with the type of food or services you cater; so if your business is an Italian pizza and pasta place, you can think of an Italian word or name that you can use to associate your food service business.

  • Creative Ideas

Besides creating and providing mouth-watering dishes and accompaniments, catering services offer a vast array of services that isn’t limited only to cooking and meals. Some other catering companies offer dessert, candies, and beverage (such as liquor) services. With that in mind, if your food service business is as unique as the previously mentioned types, then you can analyze the services and kinds of food you offer and base your business’ name on these.Going through various types of food magazines or beverage catalogues to get different types of ideas that can be used to help you come up with a catchy name for your company.

  • Single Words

Businesses that have names with only a single word are most of the time cool and trendy, plus it’s easy to remember for most people which is advantageous to any type of business.Try to be creative when thinking of a single-word name, if your restaurant serves Greek dishes, a great name for that would be Zeus and would serve as one noteworthy name.


Despite the previously mentioned tips and ideas for coming up with your food service business name, always remember and keep your audiences in mind when developing a name for your company; if your business focuses on catering for casual celebrations and various parties, give a fun and trendy yet simple name to attract the customers. However, if you’re food business focuses more on larger events and corporate clients, it’s best to keep the name professional to reflect a relevant image.

You also have the option to launch a naming contest on a crowdsourcing site such as Squadhelp. You will get hundreds of well thought out, memorable name suggestions for a restaurant or food service business. Here are some examples of names for restaurants that were submitted in previous contests on Squadhelp:

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