Name Ideas for your Expenses Tracking App

Generally, your application should have to be useful and efficient if you want to have people use it, but selecting the right name for your app is also extremely important. When you are in the process of coming up with excellent app name ideas for tracking expenses, there are a lot of vital things to consider which is something similar when you name a business. A well-thought name can make a huge difference, so this is your chance to come up with a great first impression with a potential which can influence them to either move past or decide to download your app.


Here are a couple of ways on how to come up with app name ideas that will fit perfectly for your expenses tracking application:


  • Optimize and Develop your App Name


You should choose the most applicable and high-searching traffic keywords for your description and title; use them but utilize these sparingly. Doing this can actually boost your ranking in the app store’s search results which make it more visible to users. Keep in mind that if you continuously repeat and pluralize words, it will not help your ranking, nor will it be noticed by users.


Instead, search for keywords that perform adequately, or keywords that work effectively with just a few competitors. For your expense tracker app, you may want to make use of words like “spend”, “track”, “finance”, “expense” and other words that are associated with your app.


  • Set the Right Tone for the Name


An icon that is paired with an app name is considered to be the first interaction every user has with your expenses tracking app. This only means that it will be your application’s first chance to make the correct impression while also evoking an image or idea that encourages a prospect to become a user. This is also similar when you name a business since a business name and its logo will always be the first connection a business and its customers will have.


For you to be able to determine the type of images or ideas you want to project to your users, you have to first identify the purpose of your application then find your targeted audience.


  • Stick to Eleven Characters or Less


When coming up with names for your app, you should keep your app name ideas short and concise. Lengthy names are arduous to read and tedious to remember, plus these do not look right in someone’s application collection.


  • Make the Name Recognizable


Now that you have already begun considering names for your applications based on user’s appeal and ideas, you will need to start focusing on how to make your app name exhibit the main purpose of the program. Every user is required to understand the point and use of your app by simply looking at the name and its logo / icon.


  • Check its Availability


It is no surprise and basically common sense to avoid using any type of profanity to name your expense tracking app; however, you also need to make sure that you are not infringing any trademarks. Never use brand or company names, as well as the name of another application in your keywords. The reasons for these are very obvious but it can also be easy to accidentally do, especially with keywords so be cautious.



There is definitely a lot of thought that comes into play when you are selecting the best name for your expenses tracking app, and these strategies mentioned only focus on the surface. However, if by any chance you are having trouble coming up with a name for your expenses tracking app, why not host your own naming contest on sites like Squadhelp to help you gain great ideas from a number of creative individuals from all over the world.