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How To Successfully Name Your Construction Business


With enough business under your belt, there comes a time when you want to go from a construction business without a name to a company with a strong name. If that time is now, we at Squadhelp are here to be of assistance.

Let’s walk through the basic who, what, why, where, and when of naming your construction company. Capture the answers to these questions to start a naming brief you can share with your extended naming team:


Who are you? An Inc., Llc, individual, and/or collective of partners? Have you been in business before and you are rebranding? Or is this a new business?


What are you selling, your unique selling proposition? What would be a two lien elevator speech about your product?


Who is your customer and what are you trying to solve for them? What is their reason to belive in this product? Are you B2B or B2C? Do you market to one party but sell to another? Get your target audience nailed down.


Is it a limited demographic and/or geographic or are you global? Where are you looking to audience test and trademark for?


Do you sell online 24/7 or are you a retailer with traditional hours? Or something else all together?

Next Steps:

Now that you have basic information jotted down for the brief, add your company’s mission statement and objectives, plus information about what makes you uniquely stand out from competitors, plus who are your competitors.

Then determine who is going to help you come up with and vet  the names? At Squadhelp we have a team of 70,000 crowdsourced creatives who compete to come up with a great name for you. You may not have tens of thousands, but its best not to ideate in a vacuum or by yourself.

Plan A Work Session

Find some time to meet with your fellow creatives to bounce names off of each other. Keep the atmosphere, fun, light, and remember no idea is a bad idea. Any idea can lead to the ideal name. Try not to be critical of any suggestions and work to build ideas off of each other.

Have some consumer and trade magazines around so if the ideas stall you can flip through the pages and inspire each other. Also try throwing out words that you think of when you think of your industry, such as strong, hard-work, top notch materials, sturdy… Or put words on post it notes that you would like your customers to say about you, such as superior, best-in-class, pinnacle, affordable, approachable, etc. Building off each other and working to gain a consensus the goal is to get several ideas that you can name your business.

Construction Company Domain

Once you have several possible names that you think sum up what you do and how you do it, its then time to see if there is a URL available that can be used for your online business presence. .Com is the most utilized still but other domains abbreviations may be easier to find a match with your chosen names, such as .io, .net, .co, and many others that emerge or are thought up everyday. If you are set on a .com, try putting a word behind your chosen name and see if it is easier to find that way, i.e. xnameconstruction, xnamecontractors,or

Due Diligence

When you have a name and a URL for one or more potential construction company names, it’s time to do some due diligence. At Squadhelp, we like to run a few names per client through the process of audience validation to get unbiased feedback. We also run trademark reports on top names before we decide who the winner is.

Here’s to hoping you come up with the perfect name for your construction business.

Insights from 18,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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