Naming a Business – Tips on Naming your Flower Shop

When you plan to open your flower shop, it is just like every other new business – you will need a lot of time, hard work, effort, love, and most of all, dedication to make this grow. While undergoing the startup process, a challenging task will be present and this is choosing a company name for your shop. It will take a lot of your time and it is one of the most tedious parts when it comes to starting and building your flower shop business.


To make things a little easier for you, here are some helpful ways when it comes to choosing a company name that is best for your business:


  • Name the Business You Wish to be and Not the Business that You are


Once you have already established your business, changing the name into something new will not be an easy process and it would only equal to starting from scratch all over again. So think ahead and consider the name that you choose; if you eventually plan to expand and add more services to your flower shop, choose a name that does not limit your business to just a flower shop that focuses on a single theme. An example would be the name ‘Wedding Blooms’, it will not be a great name if you plan to sell flowers and arrangements for birthdays since people will assume that you have a flower shop that focuses mainly on wedding flower arrangements.


  • Include your Location to the Name


It would be a smart idea to include your location to your business name ideas just like the name Petals of Georgia. In this day and age, potentials always see work from around the country and it can be tricky to determine where the business is based, especially if this is not stated clearly on your homepage. However, the possible downside of this is when you decide to open your flower shop in another area, the name of your business cannot be changed.


  • Avoid Using Initials


Initials are boring, but some companies such as 3M and IBM have gotten away with using these. The difference here is that these companies have been around for the longest time plus, these are multibillion-dollar corporations. This is something you can do too once you have brought in about the same amount of sales / funds in your business, until that time, use a name for your flower shop that is unique and interesting.


  • Create a Name with Things that Give you Inspiration


Keep in mind that the name you choose for your flower shop does not necessarily have to be floral or flower-related; some flower shop business name ideas can be taken from or inspired by places, colors, food, people, seasons, and a whole lot more. Just remember to keep it simple, appropriate for the business, and still something connected to the flower shop so clients and potentials will know what your business and services is all about.


  • Ensure that you can Trademark the Name


Depending on how huge you want to build your flower shop is one vital thing to consider when coming up with a name for your business. You may want to try checking the name of your choice on before fully settling on a specific name for your flower shop.



Not all of these tips may work for you when coming up with a name for your business, so it is better to test all of these out to see which one helps best when thinking of something creative and unique. However, if you still think that you cannot come up with a creative and one of a kind name for your flower shop, you can host your own naming contest on sites like Squadhelp and get that perfect name that will work best for your business.