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Naming Ideas for Your Finance Business


In an industry like finance, connections are everything. Finance brands live or die based on the endorsement of influential people and the respect carried by their brand. The absolute last thing you want is for a satisfied client to forget your name when recommending similar services to a friend. These crucial word-of-mouth recommendations don’t materialize if your business lacks a rock-solid, memorable brand name.

To ensure referrals and brand recall, your brand name needs to reflect the ideals that are projected by the world’s leading wealth management brands. Your name must easily and quickly communicate the following qualities to your customers:

  • Strength
  • Reliability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Modernity
  • Prestige

If your finance platform name radiates these values, your brand will see much more attention and recall than it would have with a boring, generic name. There are several approaches you can take in naming your finance business

Styles of Finance Business Names

Successful wealth management businesses brand themselves in a wide variety of ways. These brands differ from each other in tone, messaging, and imagery. The business’s name must match the general atmosphere of the rest of its branding.

The name “Cardably” is an example of a fintech business name that fits a modern naming scheme. Modern names often combine words in simple ways in order to convey a sense of causality and satisfaction. The word is a transmutation of the words “card” and “ably”, bringing to mind ideas of convenient service and versatility.

Similarly, the name “Leadfluencer” combines the words “leader” and “influencer” to appeal to sensibilities of wealth and power, both excellent attributes for a wealth management brand. 

CheckWisely is an example of a finance business name that utilizes a pragmatic naming style. Pragmatic names are straightforward and simple, letting the customer know immediately what type of brand, product, and service they’re getting into. CheckWisely clearly and simply communicates to audiences that they’re looking at a wise and credible checking service.

How to Find Which Style Works Best for Your Finance Business

If you’re having trouble figuring out which of these naming styles would work best for your finance platform, it’s important to consider the following: 

Another useful naming style available to finance platform owners is classic brand naming. Classical names appear sophisticated and high-end, and their names have a weighty sense of gravitas. The name “OakGrow” invokes themes of expansion, quality, and lasting strength. This name doesn’t invoke trendiness or lightheartedness. Instead, it focuses on lasting quality and professionalism.

It’s a common myth that businesses should come up with a name first and then try to build the rest of their brands around it. Try and synthesize the main values of your finance brand. Distill everything that makes your brand unique, valuable, or important into a 1-2 sentence passage. 

For example:

  • Our fintech startup brand uses innovative technology to modernize and disrupt the financial industry.
  • Our wealth management brand is built upon the trust and prestige of its board, who have been industry leaders for decades.
  • Our finance platform brand is stylish and lightweight. We are trying to attract those who are scared away by traditional financial brands.

Once you have an outline set for your brand, it will be much easier to get to work deciding on a name. Without summarizing your brand vision, you’ll waste a lot of time drafting irrelevant or ill-fitting names.


Choosing a strong, evocative name that fits your finance brand is essential to getting the attention of modern audiences. At Squadhelp, entrepreneurs and marketers can find thousands of strong finance platform brand names contributed by our global community of creatives. Our naming contests let entrepreneurs personally engage with thousands of creatives in order to find a name that perfectly fits your brand vision. Additionally, business owners can browse the 30,000+ names in our marketplace in order to find a memorable and fitting brand name. The names included in this professionally curated selection are available for immediate purchase. With over 25,000 successful naming projects completed, Squadhelp is the world’s #1 naming platform. 

For more general information on what goes into brand naming, check out Squadhelp’s Ultimate Guide to Naming.

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