Company Naming Standards for Popular Industries

When creating a name for your company, there are many factors to consider – your target audience, brand, missions/goals, how you want to be perceived – the list goes on. However, one thing that many entrepreneurs overlook when naming their company and products is the naming standards for their industry.

Adhering to the naming standards of your chosen industry – whether you’re starting a consulting company, marketing agency, or clothing brand – makes it easy for consumers to recognize what your company does. While some companies chose to buck their industry’s naming standards, many companies find benefits from following the industry norms.

Below, we’ve outlined some common industries and their naming norms to help you when creating the perfect, evocative name for your company.

Consulting Agency Names

Consulting agencies, in general, tend to opt for more traditional or classic names that evoke a feeling of competence or professionalism in their clients. It is common to see names that end with “consulting” or “advisors”.

When naming your consulting company, consider how you want your business to be perceived. If you want to fit in with naming standards for your industry, opt for a professional name with one of the endings recommended above. For example, Squadhelp users have chosen the name “StoneEagle Advisors” for a business advisory company, which aligns with the industry standards.

However, if you want to position yourself as a fun alternative to traditional consulting firms, you can go against naming standards and chose a name like Optiwise, which one Squadhelp company selected to represent their data-driven consulting agency.

eCommerce Website Names

Companies who sell products online tend to look for creative, out-of-the-box names to help differentiate their site from the thousands of competitors out there.

In this industry, you are likely to find find names that combine two common words or use puns or clever word play to convey the business. A few eCommerce companies chose names like these, provided to them by the Squadhelp community. An aromatherapy product selected the name AromaLabs for their business, drawing upon the power of combined words. A wedding inspiration website chose a play on words for their name, deciding on Youlyweds.

When naming your eCommerce website, have fun playing with words and testing out different combinations.

Marketing Agency Names

As a marketing agency, you want to convey a certain level of creativity and innovation to your clients. Similar to eCommerce companies, you’ll find marketing agencies combining words to create unique names to represent their company. Marketing agencies tend to stay away from wordplay and puns, as they also want to convey a professional image to professional clients.

In this industry, you’ll find companies gravitating towards words that convey a certain level of power, or that represent buzzwords of the business. Some examples of marketing agency names provided by the Squadhelp community include IronFlame for a branding and marketing agency and PivotalLab for a digital marketing agency.

Real Estate Company/Business Names

When looking at names of real estate companies, it’s common to see names either ending with the words “property” or “realty”, or using a word to represent what the company does – “room”, “rent”, “door”, and “key” are frequently used.

When naming your real estate company, consider following these naming norms to fit in with the industry. Real estate companies that found names through Squadhelp include 100Keys, NuLeafRealty, and Door25 Properties.

Fitness Brand and Products Names

When naming for the fitness industry, you’ll find that companies select names that embody a certain sense of power and evoke motivation in their customers. Powerful movement words combined with fitness catchphrases like “cardio”, “fit”, “fitness”, and “wellness” are common.

Whether your product is a fitness app or you’re naming a fitness studio, adhering to these naming norms may give your business a boost, as your name can inspire customers to take their workout to the next level.

The Squadhelp community created names for a variety of fitness brands, including IgniteFitness for a health club chain, Kinetic Sweat for cardio fitness classes, and FitFlex for a fitness marketplace.

Health Brand and Product Names

The health industry encompasses a wide range of products and services – everything from health supplements to nutritional counseling to organic skincare products. As a result, the naming conventions for this industry vary widely. Despite this, there are a few standards that many health companies chose to follow.

You’ll likely see some tie-in with health, nature, or beauty in the name. Like many other industries, health companies tend to play around with combining different words to create their unique name. Clearly Naturals, Nutribowl, and Fit One are all examples of winning health industry names from the Squadhelp archives.

Investment Firms Names

Like consulting agencies, investment firms are likely to stick with classic naming methods, including the words “Investment”, “capital”, or “managers” in their title. They are also more likely to stay away from fun names or puns, as there is pressure to convey themselves as professional and trustworthy. After all, they are managing people’s money!

The Squadhelp community has helped hundreds of investment firms find names. Some examples of companies that followed investment naming trends include Laveer Investments, QuipCapital, and Agora Investments.

Clothing Brands Names

Of all the industries listed here, clothing brands and stores may have the most freedom when it comes to choosing a name. Depending on the type of clothing, price range, and target market, clothing companies can choose from a variety of name types, from classic to fun to whimsical.

When choosing a name for your clothing company, it’s essential to do research into your target market to discover what type of name would most resonate with them.

Some examples of clothing company names chosen by the Squadhelp community include Odyns (activewear), ookydoky (children’s clothes), Hawthorne & Oak (men’s apparel), and Pepper St (women’s apparel).

Understanding Business Naming Standards

Whether you decide to follow industry norms and draw upon the pre-established trust and perceptions associated with your industry or branch out and create a name that goes against naming standards, having a solid understanding of your industry’s naming standards can help guide your naming process. The guidelines listed above, as well as the examples from the Squadhelp community, can serve as your baseline as you begin the exciting process of creating a name for your new company.