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Our Guide to Product Naming


You’ve worked hard to find and develop the perfect product, now you want to find a name that does it justice. The process of finding the perfect name can be difficult and daunting, but the good news is that it is possible. 

Our guide to product naming provides you with tips and techniques that you can use to find the perfect name for your product.

How to name a product

There’s no right or wrong way to name a product. Some people may be hit with a creative brainwave and just know that they’ve landed on the ultimate product name. Others might go around in circles, continuously hitting deadends with their extensive brainstorming. 

These are the people we are here to help. There’s no point wasting time banging your head against the wall. You’ll be overcome with frustration and it will get you nowhere. 

So if you find yourself stuck, here are three techniques you can use to find a name for your product.

1. Structured brainstorming

Brainstorming is a great tool, but it can be difficult to narrow down your ideas so that they are actually useful. Grab some post-it notes and jot down all of the ideas floating around in your mind, one idea per post-it note. At this stage, no idea is invaluable. Write it all down. Words that you associate with the product, words that you associate with your brand, the things that the product can do.

Next, take these post-it notes and sort them according to similarities. You should find that you have a few key groups of recurring ideas. These are the things you should focus on. Play around with these concepts using the keywords that have shown up. You just might be able to find the perfect product name somewhere in these thoughts!

2. Value proposition

The second technique begins with a value proposition. Think about your product and what it offers consumers. Why would they choose your product over a competitor’s? This is likely to bring up some key adjectives that you use to describe the product. Sort through these and see if any would make a suitable product name. Again, you will have to play around with combinations but you might land on something you like.

3. Product name generator

Sometimes one person (or even one team) can’t do it all. If this is the case, it’s time to seek help from a third party. Our product name generator uses AI technology to determine name ideas based on your preferences. Give it a go, chances are it will provide you with the name that you’ve been looking for.

Types of product names

If you need further inspiration in your product name hunt, consider the types of names you can choose. Remember that the type of name suitable for your product will depend on your brand.

  • Classic: Typically used for high-end brands, classic names are sophisticated and timeless.
  • Clever: Clever names are usually a play on words. They might rhyme or use a pun.
  • Pragmatic: These names are clear and descriptive. They make good value propositions as it is obvious what the product is.
  • Modern: If you’re looking for something modern, you might opt for something edgy or abstract. These names tend to be unusual and this catches the attention of consumers.
  • Emotional: Emotional names evoke an emotional response from consumers. It might be a feeling of nostalgia or sentimentality, making them want to buy the product.

Testing your product name

When you think you’ve found the perfect product name, run it through a few quick tests to ensure it will be accessible to people.

  • Read to Speak: Is the name easy to pronounce correctly when you see it?
  • Hear to Spell: Is the name easy to spell when you hear it?
  • Speak to Hear: Is your name easy to understand, even if it was spoken in a crowded room?

These tests will make sure that people can understand and remember your product.

Finding the right product name is an important branding decision. With a little perseverance, you will be able to find the perfect one for your product. 

About the author

Grant Polachek

Grant Polachek is the Director of Marketing at Squadhelp–transforming the way names are developed by combining an affordable agency-level brainstorming process with the unmatched creativity of “the crowd.”

Insights from 20,000+ Naming and Branding Projects

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