Phone Apps That Will Help Boost Your Productivity

Smartphones, tablets and other technologically advanced gadgets have become highly successful thanks to the availability of various apps that are made for every user. These handy add-ons have become so useful for each one of us that is has made our life easier especially when using these gadgets. Some of these apps are used for banking, organizing daily activities, grocery shopping, social networks to make navigation easier since the layout for mobiles and desktops are completely different, and pretty much any other app that you can think of to make daily tasks or activities less complicated.


However, even if all these apps are present to make things simpler for us, how many of these apps are actually there to keep you productive? Do these apps help you do your job adequately and efficiently? Do these apps really let you work and do your tasks while you are on the go?


It’s best to make use of today’s technology to help increase your efficiency and productivity at all times. Here are a few apps which have been considered useful for increasing the productiveness of individuals at all levels.


  • Track My Life

An app for iOS and Android that will help you figure out how you are spending your time and will also help you organize your daily activities; it runs automatically and ascertains how much time you spend doing various tasks. Based on the given data, you can use the information to find ways to maximize your time for you to set daily priorities.


  • MailTime

This app is currently for iOS only but will soon work for Androids as well. The app works by transforming emails into a text message format, enabling you to reply faster and easier especially if you are out and on the go.


  • Producteev

A free task management app for iOS and Android that allows you to delegate tasks to several people, create subtasks while also implementing privacy settings. The premium version of this app, Producteev Pro, is designed specifically to address the needs of a growing business; with this, you can easily customize the theme and logo settings based on your preference. You will also be able to turn Outlook emails into actionable tasks and calendar appointments.


  • Evernote

A powerful app for note-taking that can store notes, photos, web pages, PDF files, audio clips, to-do-lists and more. You can also add various things to your online notebook which can be searched and accessed on your desktop, the internet, or even on your mobile device. The app works for iOS and Android.


  • Highrise

This is a CRM app for iOS and Android that helps you manage your activities, tasks, and objectives as well as those of your team. It merges all your email accounts and calendars, as well as tracks all of your proposals and leads. This is extremely useful when you need to gather all required data and updates automatically.


  • 30/30

Just for the iOS, this app functions as your timer; for thirty minutes, it times you while you are engaging in any activity of your choice, then after, thirty minutes will be for your idle time or break. This pattern repeats on a continuous cycle and you can actually set your own time that is adequate for your daily routines.