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Picking a Catchy Name For Your Travel Agency


It’s vital to remember that picking a name for your business should not only be functional, it also has to be memorable and catchy as well. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of adjectives, verbs, nouns, and various words associated with travel, overseas trips, and tourism to create a catchy and interesting name to officially identify your travel agency.  Here are some tips on how you can easily pick and choose the best name for your travel agency.

  •         Destinations

If your travel agency business focuses on making bookings for tours that are specific to certain regions, then your business name should be able to reflect its uniqueness such as the following name suggestions:

         Down South Travel

         Northern Exposure

         Sunset Beach Getaways

         Deep Blue Travel

         In the Wild


  •         The Clients

Aside from focusing on the specific bookings that your agency caters to, you should also consider a name that generally relates to the targeted demographics of your agency. Suggested names for this would be some listed below:

         Golden Age Travels – which can be for retirees

         Solo Yolo – for singles

         Two to Tango – cruises for couples

         Hipster Trippers – for baby boomers


  •         Humorous Play of Words

Another thing you can do to come up with unique and fun names for your travel agency is to play with words and use them in a creative way. Use already existing phrases and turn them into completely new meanings while also accompanying them with graphics that are themed for travel.


  •         Use Suffixes

You can also include suffixes to words that are related to travel and some examples here would be something similar to the following:








  •         Foreign Languages

The use of foreign languages to name your business works great, especially if your business is a travel agency. Some experts recommend the use of this and you can actually search through various foreign language dictionaries for inspiration. If you decide to use the word travel in various languages such as in Spanish, Norwegian, or Italian, it would translate to viaggio, reising, or viaje, which you can use for your travel agency.


However, just be sure to choose a name that will be easy to pronounce and remember; plus, its translation should be clearly understood and should complement your company logo. Using various Latin words is also a good choice when coming up with interesting and unique travel names for your travel agency business, so just keep the creative juices flowing until you find that perfect name to easily identify your agency.


  •         Simplicity is Always Best

Also, another important thing to consider when coming up with the perfect name for your business is to keep it unique, catchy, but simple. The name should still be easy to remember because even at this time and age, word of mouth will still, and will always be the best form of marketing strategy to boost the awareness of people about your company.




A catchy and unique name will generally help since it’s going to be the first impression of people when it comes to any company, and you can always use general words as long as they are related to travel, journey, etc.

Additionally, you can name your travel agency based on your specialization such as the places or countries that you focus on, or the name that fits the purpose of your company. Here are a few names that have been submitted on Squadhelp for travel agency businesses:

  • RideOn
  • CitiesbySound
  • TheTripTip


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