Selecting a Unique Company Name for your Toy Store

Choosing a company name for your toy store can be a very stressful task; you want a name that will last a long time and can represent your company’s distinguishable characteristics, goals, as well as values. However, screening a list of ideas for company names together with a focus group (usually composed of family and friends) can bring about a huge mix of results.


Here are some tips to help you select a name for your toy company:


  • Begin with your Company’s Goals


Before you start choosing a name for your company, the first and most important thing to do is to know what your brand stands for and what its promise is. This generally is not what your business does or what services it offers, the promise is actually the emotional and deeper connection your company has with the customers.


It is how your business should make the customers feel every time they purchase or utilize your services. Choose a name that connects your business with the customers on a deeper and more personal level.


  • The Name Should Describe your Business


To choose a name that best describes your business, list down your top ten key descriptive words about your goals, passions, visions, and values; utilize these words as a starting point to create your business name but do not expect to come up with one in a snap.


Finding the perfect words that will best describe your business can take some time, and you may need the help of others in the process.


  • Consider the Products and Services you Offer


Review and take note of the products that you will be selling in your toy store since this can be a great guide for you to come up with a name for your business. If the toys that you sell are mostly for toddlers and babies, adding the word ‘baby’, ‘first’, ‘small’ or ‘junior’ can serve your business well. If you are selling just for one sex, adding ‘For Girls’ or ‘For Boys’ will do the trick.


  • Inspect and Study Your Neighborhood


Look around your area and study the names of the stores available; look at the malls, plazas, and shops where you will set up your toy store. It can be a little confusing to customers if you name your shop almost exactly similar to the ones around; for example, if your toy store is called Toy Castle and the shop next door is The Toy Castle. You will have to come up with extremely unique and catchy ideas for company names.


  • Get your Audiences’ Opinions


Make a poll for your potential clients; get the opinion of kids on the toys that they like since these are considered as parts of the driving forces that brings your customers to your store. Kids usually give you a different perspective on names compared to adults so getting their opinions when it comes to naming your toy store can be a really great idea. However, if you do not have any kids or relatives to poll, you may consider dropping by an elementary school close to your shop, or appear in a local cub or Girl Scout troop meeting and get their opinions.



Once you have decided on a name, make sure that it is still available; do some research and check if the name that you chose is free and no one else is already using this. Also, check if the potential name for your toy store is available for a website address, Facebook, or Twitter account.

However, if you still haven’t come up with a name for your store, an easy and highly convenient way to come up with one is by hosting your own naming contest in sites like Squadhelp where a lot of creative people compete to provide you with the best and most efficient name for your business.